What It’s Like to Travel to Belize Right Now

What It’s Like to Travel to Belize Right Now

It’s been less than a year since The Nature Conservancy proclaimed Belize “a conservation success story,” based on the nation’s emphasis on climate and biodiversity. Despite the nation’s small size—it compares to Vermont or Massachusetts—the number of advances made by government entities and recommendations made by conservation groups and organizations have been huge.

But conservation isn’t the only area the international community recognizes and applauds when referring to Belize: The tourism industry doubled down on worldwide recommendations for keeping visitors safe during COVID that didn’t compromise on the experiences enjoyed by visitors eager to discover Belize’s remarkable assortment of natural and cultural wonders.

So, when authorities deemed it safe to lift all restrictions associated with COVID recently, the message was loud and clear: Belize is open for travel!

Good news for travelers eager to take advantage of deals

It’s official: On July 12, 2022, The Belize Tourism Board was delighted to confirm the fact that the Government of Belize decided to remove all public health measures at the points of entry, whether they be by land or sea.

As a result of this, travelers on the fringes who were reticent to book vacations in this English-speaking nation, can not only rest assured that they will enjoy a sojourn filled with all the trappings of a Caribbean getaway, but if they take advantage of shoulder season deals that remain in place, they can even save money.

Consider one of Hopkins Belize’s hottest destinations: Belizean Dreams Resort. Located along the ocean in Hopkins, a town that’s preferred by folks eager to relax and explore the nation’s treasures rather than a hectic party scene, you still have plenty of time to get in a 2022 getaway at this resort known for its Belize all inclusive packages and onsite amenities before winter snowbirds flock south and high-season rates kick in.

BD Travel Belize

Sound like exactly the news you’ve been waiting to read?

Getting confirmation that Belize health and welfare entities have undertaken the research required to verify the level of risk that has been tracked since the pandemic began is the best news of all, but you don’t have to be shy about admitting that you love the idea of saving money.

Further, you don’t have to settle for just one package choice when you consider Belizean Dreams options, as you can see when you visit this comparison page that fills you in on all of the perks you seek and much more.

Enjoy more savings if your timing is right

If you wish to come to Belize before December 18th, you could snag the current special that reduces your tab by up to 15%: Like all deals, this one comes with restrictions and it’s wise to have a couple of dates in mind when you pursue a booking, but what better way to celebrate your continued good health and the relaxed health restrictions that have just been put into place? Sometimes, timing is everything, intrepid traveler!

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