Wash Away A World Of Worries With Our Flexible Booking Policies at Belizean Dreams Resort

Wash Away A World Of Worries With Our Flexible Booking Policies at Belizean Dreams Resort

Have you ever felt so troubled, even a shower or bath couldn’t drown out the world? Perhaps visions of a seashore have helped calm your anxiety in the past — plenty musicians have used troubling times to craft water-inspired songs that remind us that “this too shall pass.”

You have likely been treading your own troubled waters since the virus captured your life and took you hostage. Perhaps the thought of standing on a seashore is enough to take you out of your head for a short while. But suppose you could put into place a plan that delivers that tranquil beach and promises you serenity and hope? You’ll find the haven you seek in Belize.

But, the airport’s closed and I’m stuck at home!

Both are true, but that doesn’t mean things won’t improve and nothing works for your mind and spirit like the prospect of a vacation that lands you on a tropical beach where you can use your toe to write “problems” in the sand and then watch the surf wipe the word away. Belizean Dreams Resort earned its name for exactly that reason: This resort is everything you dream of but thought didn’t exist.

As you browse the website imagine yourself on a vacation that exceeds your wildest expectations. Not only is that possible, but it’s probable given Belizean Dreams’ new flexible booking and rescheduling policies sure to convince you that you can take a chance on booking a vacation right now.

How it works

You’ll probably have more trouble figuring out when you want to travel than which fabulous Belizean Dreams deal matches your budget and calendar. Browse the Belize vacation specials page, open a bottle of wine and figure out which vacation special offers you the greatest number of advantages.

New reservations that are booked directly through resort staff, secure accommodations at the resort for stays before December 31, 2020. Should unforeseen circumstances associated with the pandemic arise, the resort’s rescheduling process kicks in when you change the dates of your visit. Normal cancellation policies still apply. Be sure to review them on our policies page.

Vacation Deals Belizean Dreams

More good news

We call this ingenious invitation the Belizean Dreams SPECIAL; Book today, travel later. You’ll call it totally amazing. This deal applies only to package rates but lasts so much longer, you’ll celebrate having so much booking leeway. Travel any time between Fall 2020 and December 18, 2021, use this code to book: 20%OFFBLOG and voila! You’ve got something amazing to look forward to.

Does that mean there are no deals on room stays? Au contraire! Ask a staffer to describe room-only discounts when you call. Otherwise, restrictions are minimal and include minimum 4-night stays, but Inland & Island Package discounts won’t be disclosed until you call. Of course, all bookings are subject to availability but every one of these deals gets you underneath a palm tree, tropical cocktail in hand and the world’s troubles in your rear view mirror!

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