Why you should visit Hopkins in January 2023

Belize in January

Is it too early to entice you into visiting a place in Belize that doesn’t always make the covers of travel magazines—despite the fact that it’s just as compelling as larger villages sharing the Stann Creek District?

Hopkins Belize is that unassuming, “off the beaten track destination” that is beginning to attract more visitors simply because it remains a bastion of peace and solitude while offering tourists access to the crown jewels of the Caribbean Sea: The Belize Barrier Reef and pristine beaches along the coastline.

Worry that this non-hotspot won’t have the attractions and variety found at larger Belize destinations? Worry not. Hopkins has a vibrant, colorful cultural scene, and visitors gain access to the nation’s top natural spots, as evidenced by this short list of places you won’t want to miss seeing:

  • Converse with monkeys on a river tour to see which species can shout the loudest. Monkey River Tours delight children and parents alike because nobody will ask you to keep your voice down!
  • Take Bocawina National Park by storm. Delight your inner wild child by availing yourself of these activities: swim in waterfall pools, hike, zipline, and explore all aspects of your personality via activities you choose.
  • Hang out with Garifuna craftsmen, where art, music, dancing, culinary delights, and more derived from the Afro-Carib roots of people in this welcoming society will give you a massive boost of pleasure.
  • Take up drumming under the tutelage of Garifuna musicians. Therapists say that beating a drum can help one live longer and there are no better teachers than folks whose joy in music is part of a proud heritage.
  • Search for jaguars. Not the British cars, silly. We’re talking about endangered species that found a home at the only dedicated reserve on Earth. Your trip to Cockscomb Jaguar Preserve can include stops at Maya ruins, cave tubing, and waterfalls within verdant jungles.
  • For those who haven’t had their fill of waterfalls, add Maya King to your itinerary. It’s a favorite of locals who love to picnic in the area where conveniences include loos and a deck that beckons Yoga practitioners.
  • Get your food on. Food-loving tourists eager to learn more about the nation’s agriculture and foods can get hands-on experience making chocolate. Eat your fill, then work off the calories by upping your snorkel and dive bookings.

January in Belize

There’s more, but you get the picture. Having concluded that you’ve missed a lot by not discovering Hopkins before now, rectify that by planning a January 2023 visit when the weather is especially fabulous. Enjoy the ultimate vacation by booking a stay near all the places described above.

Belizean Dreams Resort in Hopkins offers Belize all inclusive packages that take the work out nailing down details of your vacation, and if you can’t get enough of Hopkins’ amazing sites, add these Belize tours to your schedule. When time is short, access is everything. Make that your mantra when you discover a corner of Belize that has it all!

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