10 Great Reasons to Visit Hopkins Belize This Summer

10 Great Reasons to Visit Hopkins Belize This Summer

Are you the “off the beaten trail” type, eager to see exciting things but unwilling to commit to crowded, touristy places that don’t provide the stimulation you seek? It’s time you discover Hopkins, Belize where you can fully immerse yourself in this nation’s fascinating culture while indulging your inner adventurer. 

Located in the Stann Creek District on Caribbean shores, Hopkins is a jewel of a village that’s showcased against the Maya Mountains vista and the Cockscomb Range. Home to around 1,000 villagers, most of whom prize their ethnic Garifuna heritage, you’ll run into farmers and fishermen eager to show you their little corner of the world. And it’s quite the exciting corner, we might add! 

Where to stay so you get a bird’s eye view of the entirety of Hopkins? The Belizean Dreams Resort. It’s an enclave of sophistication amid this picturesque village and it’s decked out beautifully in anticipation of visitors who wouldn’t spend summer vacations anywhere else. 

If you’re putting together an itinerary for your visit, plan to devote a lot of your waking hours to all there is to see and do while you’re on vacation in Hopkins. These ideas combine nature and entertainment and they attract visitors every summer. You’re invited to focus on just one of these or make time to do them all!

Hopkins Culture Belize

  1. Stroll shops for traditional crafts and souvenirs for friends you’ve left behind. 
  2. Tap your musical soul. Take drumming lessons from locals and dance your heart out. 
  3. Frequent family-style eateries to get your Caribbean Creole food fix. 
  4. Tour a world of indigenous plants, some of which have medicinal benefits. 
  5. Explore Cockscomb Basin Nature Preserve, the world’s first Jaguar preserve. 
  6. Snorkel, scuba dive and roam around the Belize Barrier Reef with your camera. 
  7. Dig your feet into Belizean Dreams’ sandy beach and don’t budge for the duration of your stay. 
  8. Select from Belizean Dreams’ deep sea fishing and river excursions. 
  9. Meet so many exotic animals you’ll feel as though Noah had just beached his ark. 
  10. Congratulate yourself on finding a luxurious resort that won’t empty your bank account. 

If you’re a business person, you know that the secret to retail success is location, location, location, and the same can be said about choosing a destination. Summer in Hopkins, Belize is a magical combination of proximity to everything you want to see and do in a lush, tropical environment. 

This virtual tour tells you all you need to know about this resort’s beauty and amenities. Summer rates await you, so book your time in paradise now, before someone else grabs the colorful beach chair you spotted on your virtual tour.