Why You’ll Want to Visit Hopkins Belize Right Now

Visit Hopkins Belize Right Now

Life is short, a lesson not lost on today’s COVID-weary traveler who has managed to adjust on the fly as the virus just keeps going. If you have a new appreciation for all the good things in life that have comforted and sustained you through these changing times, there’s no reward surpassing a getaway and no location in Belize that offers as many delights as the town of Hopkins.

Why Hopkins is unique

Maps show Hopkins’ area to be just 0.66679843 square miles, so everything you want to experience is just a short walk away. Separated into two zones — Baila and False Sittee — Hopkins is rimmed by the Maya Mountain Range, the Cockscomb Range, and the Caribbean Sea. Around 1,500 people call Hopkins home. All of them love travelers.

Despite its size and small populace, some of the most talked-about wonders of nature are nearby, including proximity to The Belize Barrier Reef, Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary, Mayflower National Park, Gladden Spit. Importantly, Hopkins is an epicenter of Garifuna society.

Descendants of indigenous Arawak, Kalinago, and Afro-Caribbean people, this vibrant community is centered in Hopkins, and visitors are quickly caught up in the contagious vibrancy of Garifuna culture that includes art, music, culinary arts and so much more.

Stay where you play

There is so much to see and do in Hopkins, choosing a resort offering access to water sports, town life and historical sites makes sense. Sojourn where frequent visitors stay: Belizean Dreams Resort. Close to the barrier reef, guests who love to snorkel flock to this resort.

Belizean Dreams offers other aquatic experiences, so whether you prefer deep-sea or flats fishing, diving, or swimming, your host is happy to book tours you seek. Not crazy about getting wet? No worries. You’ll be close to the Mayflower Bocawina National Park, a lush 7,000-acre paradise filled with trails, jungles, waterfalls, and so many wildlife species, their number would surpass Noah’s ark passenger count.

Depending upon your stamina and level of fitness, you can hike, swim in pools at the base of waterfalls and visit several un-excavated Maya mounds within the park, each of which will pique your imagination. You don’t have to lift a finger to book tours since they’re included with all inclusive Belize packages.

Visit Hopkins Belize Right Now

Make it easy on yourself

Having seen the wisdom in choosing Hopkins and Belizean Dreams as your destination, you may conclude that time at the resort can’t possibly get better, but it can! Book an all inclusive stay that offers lovely accommodations, gourmet dining, local transport, onsite amenities, and more, and take advantage of a resort special that’s hard to come by during the high season.

Schedule a visit between now and May 29, 2022, and depending upon the deal you choose, you could get a $500US discount. Fabulous lodgings. The most welcoming people on Earth. So many intriguing things to do, see, taste, and try, you may feel overwhelmed! It happens when this much fun is packed into a small, charming area that’s just a short plane ride from home. Sold? Of course, you are. Bring sunscreen. The sun winters in Belize!

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