Treat Your Family to a Summer Adventure in Belize!

Treat Your Family to a Summer Adventure in Belize!

When Kevin Wagar writes that family adventure trips are trending, the well-traveled Dad is not blowing smoke. “Family adventure vacations have exploded in popularity in recent years,” he explains. His family travels have led him to conclude that even parents drawn to resort-style luxury are turning to the Caribbean for ideas that have the potential to change a family dynamic and the viewpoints of all family members forever.

Having watched his children change for the better as a result of his own family vacation adventures, he waxes poetic about what happens to all family members when they explore new destinations, take roads less traveled, push individual comfort zones and experience physical, emotional and spiritual growth. Travel stimulates kid’s brains, teaches confidence, instills creative thinking and what could be more fun?

Where to take your kids that will be safe and fun?

Subjecting kids to long, tortuous, tedious airplane flights can get an adventure holiday off to a disappointing start but if you choose Belize as your destination, you’ll avoid this completely. Short flights and the fact that everyone speaks English once you reach Belize are two advantages that can’t be underestimated when vacationing with youngsters.

Not every Belize property welcomes kids, so it’s important to discriminate. You can’t go wrong at Belizean Dreams Resort located in the village of Hopkins. Belizean Dreams has remained committed to Covid health and hygiene practices put into place that earned the resort Gold Standard status, so everyone in your family will stay safe while enjoying their adventures. Further, lodgings are available in myriad sizes so there’s lots of room for everyone.

All inclusive family packages take the work out of vacationing

Ziplining Belize

In order to truly relax and have a proper family adventure vacation, don’t get bogged down in decision-making conundrums that take all of the spontaneity out of a stay. Take advantage of Belizean Dreams Family Vacation package choices that include accommodations, meals, amenities and tours.

All arrangements handled, you can focus on adventure. On premises, kids get their fill of splashing in the infinity pool, gourmet dining experiences with menu items that appeal to kids and the variety of tours on the resort’s menu is so dynamic, parents swear that even their most impatient child behaved like an angel thanks to being fascinated by the world around them.

Oh, the places they’ll go!

Depending upon the ages and personalities of your brood, your kids may be up for exploring Maya ruins and caves, hiking jungles, riding horses, going on wildlife and river excursions – they may even be ready for zip-lining, fishing, diving and snorkeling trips.

Remember: This is an adventure for every member of the family so the sky’s the limit. Taking the kids into nearby Hopkins will be a special treat, introducing them to Belize culture, the friendliest people on the planet and a panoply of educational experiences that will enlighten your kids and change their worldview. Your youngsters deserve the adventure of a lifetime. So do you. Pack those swimsuits. Summer 2021 won’t wait!

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