Top Belize Adventures Just for Active Travelers

Top Belize Adventures Just for Active Travelers

You don’t have to subscribe to science journals to know that active travel is one of the most popular ways to stay energized while vacationing. The reasons, say scientists at the Journal of Transport and Health, are evident. Active travel impacts mind and body in ways that can’t be understated, improving mental and physical health.

The Travel+Leisure website offers advice to folks who intend to take active vacations, recommending a bit of prep before leaving home so you don’t have to say no to a single experience because it seems overwhelming. Borrow all 6 of these tips so you’re ready for adventure:

  1. Trick your brain by wearing a weight-filled backpack to build your stamina.
  2. Exercise daily for the 16 weeks before you leave on your adventure holiday.
  3. Ask tour guides to assess whether or not a specific adventure is right for you.
  4. Don’t plan to break in new footwear on your vacation! Do it before you leave.
  5. Get into the habit of stretching before you set off on any of your adventures.
  6. Maintain your pace. If things get uncomfortable during your adventure(s), don’t be shy. Speak up.

Belize Mayan Ruin

Where to find adventure paradise

Belize has come into its own of late according to travel industry experts who insist that travelers won’t find a better selection of exciting experiences located this close to home. Since guides leading tours all speak English, you’ll understand every word as you experience the country’s delights under their care.

Choose a resort with a menu of tours that satisfy even the pickiest adventure traveler: Belizean Dreams Resort, located in Hopkins Village. No arduous research will be required of you since Belizean Dreams offers an exciting variety of adventures that has no equal.

Belizean Dreams: The jumping-off point for adventurers

By sojourning at the resort, you establish a base for your adventures that gives you an edge. Book an all inclusive package and you don’t have to lift a finger while you’re at the resort or off on your expeditions because everything about your stay is included: clean and comfortable accommodations within 9 stand-alone villas steps from the Caribbean shoreline, delicious meals, resort amenities and more.

Favorite packages of adventurers staying at Belizean Dreams are the Ultimate Diving option and the Belize Jungle and Beach Package, but you’ll still enjoy plenty of excitement if you are more interested in other all-inclusive options on the resort tour menu.

Belize Cave Tours

Adventure and savings?

You might save money if your vacation time coincides with current resorts deals. For example, an extended-stay booking special gives you more time to explore Belize’s wild side that could include wildlife preserves, zip lining over jungles, hiking rainforests or repelling into caves once used to conduct secret rituals by Maya priests centuries ago.

Belize attracts thrill-seekers like bees to honey and every minute you spend in-country will satisfy your curiosity and fulfill your wish to let your inner adventurer take you places you regularly dream about. Clear your calendar. Book your stay. Take advantage of discounts that apply to you. Use the aforementioned to prepare for the adventure of a lifetime and you’ll wonder why you ever doubted whether there’s a bit of Indiana Jones in your soul!

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