Top 5 Belizean ways of celebrating Easter

Top 5 Belizean ways of celebrating Easter

Top 5 Belizean ways of celebrating Easter

Friendly people, gorgeous beaches, abundant flowers and sunshiny days are what you can expect for Easter in Belize! Belizean Dreams Resort offers convenient all inclusive packages to have the best Easter ever and enjoy all of the above!

Easter is the time where unity, love, sun and fun go hand in hand for Belizeans. Whether they are Mestizo, Garifuna, Mopan Maya, Mennonite, Chinese or Hindu; there are 5 things all Belizeans love to do for the Easter holidays.

1. Preparing and enjoying a delicious and juicy Belizean barbeque.

Belizean Barbeque

2. Enjoy fresh tropical drinks, local rum or local beers while socializing with friends and family.

Belizean Drinks

3. Family outing at the rivers, offshore Islands and beaches is a must!

Belizean Beach

4. Attend the annual Cross Country Classic Cycling Race. It is a 140 mile bike race from Belize City to San Ignacio. This is Belize’s premier cycling event.

Belizean Cycling

5. 80% of Belizeans are Christians. Families and friends come together for church services in their communities.

Belizean Church Service

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