Take the Kids to Belize? We Promise: It’s Not Mission Impossible!

Take the Kids to Belize? We Promise: It’s Not Mission Impossible!

Remember how it felt to take a tropical vacation as a couple? You tossed a few swimsuits, shorts and shirts into a bag, added flip-flops and sunscreen, and off you went on a carefree holiday. Then, the kids came along.

Simple, short vacations can become mega-packing experiences that morph parents into Sherpas. But here’s the secret to a carefree holiday even when family expands: You can still pack sunscreen, flip-flops, swimsuits, shorts and shirts for each family member because Belize is the most laid-back destination on the planet. Add a few books and favorite toys. There’s so much to do in Belize, it’s possible to pack light and still have everything you need!

Where you stay can make or break your holiday

Belize attracts couples, honeymooners and lots of adults, so your quest for a family-friendly property is particularly important. Ask families returning from their Belize vacations and don’t be surprised if you hear “Belizean Dreams Resort” more than once. Not only is this property a wonderland for kids, but if you book an all inclusive package, you pay just one price for the entire stay.

Sound too good to be true? It’s not! In fact, you don’t have to settle for just one family package when Belizean Dreams gives you three choices, each one including accommodations, meals, transfers to and from the resort, snacks, water sports equipment and so much more. Your family is unique, which is why you can tailor your stay to match everyone’s desires and interests.

Belizean Dreams Restaurant

Will the kids get bored?

Far from it! Not only are gourmet meals so delicious even picky eaters clean their plates, but moms and dads enjoy unlimited local beverages. And if, by choosing one package over another, you decide to treat the family to tours, don’t be surprised if your kids return home eager to learn more about the ancient Maya, Howler Monkeys and caves after being exposed to Belize’s plethora of historic wonders.

If you’d prefer to keep your kids engaged on resort property because it’s easier to wrangle them, introduce them to snorkeling and diving by borrowing gear from the Belizen Dreams inventory. Swim in the Caribbean Sea and the resort’s pool, sun on the beach or take advantage of kayaks and bicycles available to guests of all ages.

Design the package that works for your brood

Family packages are designed to suit a family’s needs, size and desires, so you’ll want to talk to the Belizean Dreams concierge to discuss accommodation choices, the family’s desire for tours or just to make sure the time you picked for your family vacation is still available at this toll-free number: 1-800-456-7150.

Of course, if everyone in the family is in a rush, you can always check availability and book online right now at [email protected]. We should warn you that kids tend to get enthusiastic about vacations to new and fun destinations, so if you don’t want to hear “When are we going?” endlessly, you may not want to share your departure date until it’s time to pack!

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