Plan a Respectful, Sustainable Belize Holiday in 2024

Sustainable Belize Travel

Respect is a word that is loaded with implications. The Oxford Dictionary offers a fascinating mix of definitions, but the one that resounds most when discussing sustainable travel is “due regard for the feelings, wishes, rights, or traditions of others.” What does that mean for folks who have committed to sustainable travel practices? A keener, more comprehensive experience that not only delivers on a fabulous getaway but introduces visitors to the very essence of a society—its people, history, food, music, and soul. If you’ve adopted this mindset, Belize is the ultimate destination!

A country that’s unique among nations

Surrounded by countries that tend to speak the same language (Spanish), Belize is an anomaly reflecting a unique cultural mix composed of Creole, Garinagu, Maya, Mestizo, East Indians, Chinese, Mennonites, and where English as the nation’s most prominent language. Dialects, inflections, and other languages are spoken in various parts of Belize where pockets of communities united by history and community abide.

The foods, arts, music, lifestyles, beliefs, practices, and distinct histories of each of these cultures makes for a fascinating mix, but populace is only one facet of the sustainability picture in Belize. The United Nations applauds the country’s 17 commitments that make Belize a role model for sustainability, including promises to clean water and sanitation, affordable clean energy, climate protections, oceanic health, and wildlife conservation. Small nation. Big ambitions.

Where to stay to witness these efforts

Belizean Dreams Resort and staff take seriously the commitment the nation and people of Belize have made to planet earth. Toward that end, guests not only appreciate the resort’s Belize all inclusive packages and add-ons, but a curated Belize Eco-Explorer Add-On and tour options give guests seeking the ultimate immersion an experience that has no equal.

Everything about your Belizean Dreams getaway will introduce you to Belize’s treasures and efforts being made to make sure they’re protected and sustained. One glance at the activities included with this add-on make it clear that this resort is committed to the nation’s vision for the future. That stated, you can still indulge your desire for land and aquatic adventures featured on the resort’s tour schedule.

Belize Eco-Explorers

Cultural sensitivity: a practice you’ll want to perfect

How can you make sure you do your part to show your respect for the experiences and people you encounter during your stay? Use proper greetings when interacting with the people you meet, like smiling, nodding, and making eye contact. Be respectful of all the people with whom you interact, from Belizean Dreams staffers to the warm and friendly people you encounter.

Participate in local customs and traditions if you’ve a mind to jump into opportunities to drum and dance. Try lots of new foods and beverages. Bring home something you can’t live without. Respect goes a long way when traveling overseas and you’ll discover just how much it does during your memorable visit to Belize.

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