Start Planning Your 2021 and 2022 Belize Trips Now!

Start Planning Your 2021 and 2022 Belize Trips Now!

Are you a planner? Do you make lists, set long-term goals and plans, have a passion for meeting deadlines and is decisiveness the reason work colleagues admire you? These are terrific work habits and if you’re smart, you practice these traits in your personal life, too – especially if you count on vacations to add balance and relaxation to your life. We recommend making plans for your 2021 or 2022 Belize vacation right now because the rewards just keep coming. If you’re especially efficient, plan two years’ worth of vacations while you’re at it.

Why planners are winners when they vacation

  • Planning allows travelers to avoid crowds if they like their holidays quiet and peaceful
  • There are deals to be had by planning in advance – like airline flights and accommodations
  • You can schedule time away around your personal and professional obligations in advance
  • Bosses appreciate planners because they can work around the dates they’ll be gone.

There’s lots more, but you get the idea!

In order to do the job properly, you’ll want to take a look at upcoming obligations and then sit down with a calendar to make a plan. Next up: Choose the Belize property that offers you the biggest number of advantages. For frequent Belize travelers, that haven is Belizean Dreams, the Hopkins Belize property that beats the competition by a mile. Belizean Dreams is a boutique resort that’s small enough to deliver on peace and tranquility but large enough to offer guests all of the perks and amenities usually found at larger, more expensive properties.

Belizean Dreams is a dream destination

Belizean Dreams Beach

There’s a reason this resort continues to gather awards and accolades. It’s located in the quaint village of Hopkins so vacationers eager to soak in the cultural vibe and to experience the best the nation has to offer will find within this village lots to do when they’re not enjoying a plethora of activities at the resort. Close to every attraction you read about in books describing Belize’s wonders and treasures, guests enjoy luxury accommodations, gourmet dining and the onsite Bliss Salon & Spa remains a guest favorite. But what you’ll likely find to be the best reason to choose Belizean Dreams for your 2021 or 2022 vacation is all about money you save!

Spend less; laugh and relax more

Because staff and management at Belizean Dreams are also careful planners, all inclusive packages that take care of everything you need and want during your time in Belize are exceedingly popular. They include beautiful accommodations, tasty meals, daily housekeeping, a relaxing infinity pool, water toys like kayaks and paddle boards and guests love hanging out at the bar where the spirits are as amazing as the guests you meet there.

As if these diverse packages aren’t enticing enough, peruse special deals that can reduce the cost of your entire vacation even more. Need more encouragement? View this video to whet your appetite for fun in the sun and if you like what you see, the time to start planning your own dream vacation in 2021 or 2022 is right now!

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