One Of The Best Places To Spend Spring Break In Belize Is At Belizean Dreams Resort

One Of The Best Places To Spend Spring Break In Belize Is At Belizean Dreams Resort

Once upon a time, spring break was the domain of college students eager to break free of everything on their itineraries: Cramming for exams, dealing with deadlines, and putting up with helicopter parents.

But since the Covid virus arrived, spring break became a more meaningful goal for anyone fed up with confinement. Where to escape? Belizean Dreams Resort in Hopkins. What kinds of spring breaks can people of all walks of life enjoy by coming to Belizean Dreams? Allow us to enlighten you.

Seniors weary of sequestering will find at this small, lush resort a manageable property that won’t require them to expend extra amounts of energy to get to all of this country’s top attractions.

Couples seeking romance in the sun find this small resort to be an intimate and luxurious property where love is elevated to an art, whether enjoyed within lush private digs or during sojourns at the spa or during romantic excursions.

Family spring breaks allow every family member to have a blast. Whether your teen aspires to conquer zip-lining, youngsters want to tube into caves or parents want to show their offspring the wonders of Maya compounds, caves, and other cultural sites, Belizean Dreams offers access to all of these adventures.

Sports enthusiasts? Belize’s water sport scene is vast and exciting, so whether your interests run to deep-sea diving, scuba diving, kayaking, boarding, or sailing, stick around long enough and you can do it all during your spring break holiday.

Gourmands take spring breaks, too. Sample new cuisines and visit sites that produce raw ingredients that wind up in Belizean dishes. From cacao farms and chocolate-making classes to indulging in the dish served to Queen Elizabeth, foodies return home from Belize with exciting new recipes.

Budgeters are especially drawn to Belizean Dreams. They know that their spring break can be managed on a shoestring thanks to the resort’s generous discounts and deals. Browse our Belize all inclusive vacation packages and you’ll see what we mean. Then visit our Belize vacation specials page for deals you can’t afford to ignore!

Belizean Dreams Relaxation

—Yes, students can indulge themselves at Belizean Dreams, too, but here’s something parents rarely read: Most college kids behave themselves on spring break simply because they want to go again and know that parents are like radar: Nothing goes undetected, even when offspring leave the U.S.!

According to the latest Bloomberg travel news, the universal desire for a warm escape has taken North America by storm, and Belize is one of the most diverse and affordable destinations of all. Everyone speaks English. And frozen northerners can start to defrost during the short flight south!

Now that you know that you don’t have to be a student to take a spring break, when can we expect to see you at Belizean Dreams where deals are unmatched and your hosts are delighted to accommodate your every wish?

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