Spend Spring Break in Belize: The Caribbean’s Trendiest Destination!

Spring Break in Belize

The most often told version of the beginnings of the modern spring break usually includes references to an upstate New York swimming coach who pioneered the idea of taking team members to Ft. Lauderdale, Florida to get a leg up on spring training. Coaches of other sports adopted the idea and thus began the annual flocking to hot weather climates – usually minus coaches and parents!

Why Belize has become the go-to spring break capital

Florida may have been the epicenter of spring breaks over the years, but rising prices in the U.S., and in, some degree of “same old, same old” led to a diminution of spring break vacations for college students. However, these days Belize has become the premier spring break destination for obvious reasons: It’s affordable. Close to the U.S. The weather is idyllic. Everyone speaks English and few nations welcome North Americans with as much enthusiasm.

Of note on the Belize tourism scene is the rising popularity of Hopkins Village, a once-sleepy town that spring breakers are discovering and calling the ideal antidote to the crowds and expense their older siblings found at Belize’s former spring break mecca, Ambergris Caye.

Located close enough to Hopkins to entice visits, guests of Belizean Dreams Resort will find the ideal environment for their spring break fun at this resort so even if you’re not a student, you’ll feel like one once you discover all of the fun that awaits you at this tropical paradise.

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The best resort in town

Need a nudge to get your brain into spring break mode? Take a few minutes to watch this YouTube video. It gives you an enticing look at this idyllic haven, thus questions you may have about why this area and this resort are so popular will be answered. Define and celebrate spring break any way you prefer. You can choose to plant yourself on a poolside lounge chair for the duration of your visit or book every available adventure tour on the Belizean Dreams Resort tour menu.

Is saving money a goal of yours? You’ll appreciate knowing that it is possible to have the Caribbean dream vacation of your life even though winter rates may still be in effect throughout Belize. Choose a Belize all inclusive vacation package. Since everything guests want and need is bundled into these all-inclusive plans, you could spend your entire break without taking out your wallet.

The weather is perfect. There’s so much to see and do, you’ll wonder why you never thought to take previous spring breaks in Belize, and to sweeten your experience, even more, take advantage of Belizean Dreams specials to make 2023 the ultimate experience. 

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