Solo Travel to Belize in 2021: A Trend You Can Take Advantage Of!

Solo Travel to Belize in 2021: A Trend You Can Take Advantage Of!

By November 2020, trend trackers like began gathering data needed to predict 2021 travel trends, unearthing one that dominates many lists: Solo travel.

Heavily influenced by the pandemic, a surprising number of people queried admitted to enjoy spending time alone while quarantining at home. Statistics show that only 17-percent of travelers wanted to vacation on their own before Covid struck. Now, 42-percent of queried respondents are perfectly happy to travel alone.

What trend came in second to solo travel? “Relaxury.” Look at the word and you get the picture. If the idea of pairing solo travel with time spent at a luxury property sounds like heaven, you’re in luck. Hopkins Belize — and especially the Belizean Dreams Resort located near Hopkins — promises to deliver both during your solo stay.

Is it possible to plan a 5-star vacation on a budget during seasons when vacation rates are usually high? You bet. Belizean Dreams’ all inclusive solo packages are the smart way to book because everything you desire is included at one price: round trip transfers to the resort, gourmet meals, snacks, water sports, and — depending upon the level of activity you prefer — tours that introduce you to beautiful Belize.

Choose between three solo Belizean Dreams package options. The Mayan Jungle & Beach Package gives you opportunities to visit Mayan ruins, go cave tubing, zip-lining and snorkel the Belize Barrier Reef. When you’re not running around jungles, forests and beaches, bask in the personalized services for which this resort is known.

But maybe you’ve had enough excitement and you want to spend your entire vacation in the lap of “relaxury.” The Just Chillin’ package is your ticket to pampering. Devote your time at Belizean Dreams to basking in the sun, floating in the resort’s ocean-facing infinity pool, cocktails at the beach bar, and strolling Hopkins while contemplating a massage at the resort’s award-winning spa. If the urge to exercise strikes borrow a kayak, paddle board, or bicycle from your host.

Belizean Dreams Resort

Option three? It’s the most fabulous one of all! The Inland/Island Package divides your time in-country between the mainland resort and the adults-only private island of Coco Plum Island Resort where personalized service and offshore adventures await guests eager to taste both. Three choices and you choose. You don’t have to consult anyone else when you travel solo so be as selfish as you like!

You may also wish to establish yourself as a solo traveler by taking advantage of special deals offered by your Belizean Dreams host. The longer you stay, the more money you save and you don’t have to tell a soul where you’re going if you intend to telecommute to work.

Wireless Internet Service is available at Belizean Dreams Resort at no charge — but be sure to pack more than swimsuits in your suitcase. Zooming with office mates requires you to dress from the waist up — especially when you check in with the boss! That means no ties on bare chests, dudes, and ladies, a proper blouse over a bikini top won’t give away your secret destination.

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