Solo Travel Keeps Getting Hotter – Especially in Belize

Belize Solo Travel

Has Covid changed the way you think about your life, your habits, and your behaviors? That question is being posed by travel experts who have concluded that solo travel isn’t just on the rise but trending big time. Quarantined travelers feel emboldened by the creative ways they approached sequestration thus solo travel is viewed more comfortably by men and women alike.

Do you travel alone? Are you ready to try it? Solo travel offers benefits that can’t be surpassed, says Thomas Busson whose blog post explains why it’s becoming so popular. According to his research, these factors are driving the trend:

  • Solo travelers can be selfish. They can set their own agendas without getting buy-in from travel pals.
  • Single travelers claim they meet more people because they’re less reticent to “put themselves out there.”
  • Solo travelers discover in themselves surprising self-sufficiency, creativity, and spontaneity.
  • Single travelers like to take trips on the cheap. They control how and where their money is spent.
  • Solo travel boosts confidence and happiness. Stepping out of one’s comfort zone can be life-altering.

The time is right to visit Belize, solo travelers

Having concluded that solo travel is not just beneficial but the ultimate fun experience, you’re wise to make your first solo trip to Belize. Short flights available through major airlines may take just a few hours. Belize’s first language is English (save the cash you would have spent on apps for Belikin beers) and by staying at Belizean Dreams Resort, you can get your fill of fun in Hopkins.

If you dislike crowds and appreciate a mix of solitude and excitement, Hopkins is frequently called “the coast with the most.” Once a thriving fishing town, Hopkins is now an epicenter of activity where solo visitors frequent small eateries, gift shops, and revel in the town’s distinct beach vibe. Travelers especially love interacting with members of the village’s Garifuna population. They’re the reason Hopkins is also called “The Friendliest Village in Belize.”

Belize Solo Travel

Sojourning at Belizean Dreams is magical

Staying at a resort that not only treats solo guests like royalty but offers access to everything a single visitor needs and wants makes Belizean Dreams the ideal place to stay. Resort all inclusive packages are lavished with extras, including a choice of packages designed just for solo travelers.

Take advantage of proximity to Hopkins and tours that showcase Belize’s treasures, from water sports to cultural sites plus ancient Maya ruins and caves that are simply unforgettable. When you’re not on the move, Belizean Dreams’ onsite amenities include a world-class restaurant, full-service spa, infinity swimming pool, lush gardens, and the beachfront Tiki Bar, where it’s impossible not to meet fascinating new people.

Make 2022 the year you wear your independent spirit on your sleeve by discovering Hopkins, Belizean Dreams, and the closest approximation to paradise found in the Western Hemisphere. Plan to travel no later than May 29, 2022, and you could even save money, so grab a bag and book your stay, understanding that this holiday is destined to be all about you and nobody else!

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