Safely Explore the Best of Hopkins and Placencia

Safely Explore the Best of Hopkins and Placencia

When the U.S. State Department issued a bulletin on May 16, 2023 that urged North Americans to “reconsider travel” to Jamaica, Columbia and the border between Columbia and Venezuela for safety reasons, folks who had booked Caribbean vacations to these nations couldn’t believe their eyes. This was especially bad news for those who held non-refundable plane tickets and resort bookings.

If you’re feeling badly for those travelers, count your lucky stars that you were wise enough to choose Belize for your summer getaway. Belize is the ideal Central American destination for a long list of reasons, not the least of which is that this nation is populated by English speakers and has a reputation for being a haven of excitement, safety, and peace.

Stay where you play to have the best summer getaway ever

Belize Vacation

Located in the Stann Creek District in southern Belize, Hopkins has cultivated a status as one of the safest and most culturally diverse slices of Belizean landscape. Folks looking for the ideal lodging choose Belizean Dreams Resort on the northern end of the village. It’s an epicenter of charm and tranquility, so if you’ve had your fill of noise and crowds back home, you’ll find Hopkins to be idyllic.

Like the classic children’s book Goldilocks and The Three Bears, Hopkins is neither too big nor too small, so this lovely property is just right. Skeptical? View this colorful video and picture yourself sojourning at this resort. It gets better. Keep reading if you’d like to enhance your getaway by accepting an invitation to lodge at a second resort during your stay.

Beaches, bongos, and the ultimate vacay

Belize All Inclusive Resort Laru Beya
Laru Beya Resort, Placencia Peninsula

One of the best ways to make your acquaintance with this welcoming nation is to see more of it during your getaway, and the folks at Belizean Dreams are making that possible by offering a combination vacation that pairs your stay in Hopkins with time at Laru Beya Resort, its sister property, located down the coast on the Placencia Peninsula.

While you’re in Hopkins, you’ll meet friendly locals whose Garifuna roots stretch back to the early 19th century and where learning to drum could be the highlight of your getaway. While in Placencia at Laru Beya, you’ll behold the area’s world-famous beaches and perhaps wander over to the lagoon side where spotting manatees could be the highlight of your vacation.

To enjoy both, why not customize your getaway? Make that happen by contacting Belizean Dreams staff at 1-800-456-7150 (toll free) and ask about designing a stay that includes both resorts. You’ll love the variety, and the fact that both properties are known for being secure, so no worries about U.S. State Department bulletins popping up and ruining your long-anticipated escape. Got a passport? Sunscreen? Swimsuit? That’s all you need to have a fabulous 2023 Caribbean summer holiday where discovering two faces of Belize could make this vacation the most intriguing one you’ve ever experienced.

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