Do You Dream of Reef Fishing in Belize? Grab Your Tackle and Head South

Do You Dream of Reef Fishing in Belize? Grab Your Tackle and Head South

Belize’s great barrier reef is a one-of-a-kind natural wonder, providing a reef fishing experience that’s unforgettable. Better bring your camera!

“Coral reef preservation has a long history,” wrote “Los Angeles Times” reporter Amina Khan a few years ago when scientists found evidence that today’s reef-focused environmentalists weren’t the first people to worry about preservation.

During the 15th Century, native Hawaiian islanders adopted a variety of logical fishing practices, wrote Stanford University Social Scientist John Kittinger. They created reef preservation techniques that are as wise and practical as those used by today’s top marine ecologists. This bit of history isn’t well known but it’s worth remembering.

If you have a passion for reef fishing, this is good news

Without healthy reefs, your favorite sport might not exist, which is why Belize government officials and conservationists are pulling out all stops to keep the Belize barrier reef healthy for avid reef fishing fans happy to travel long distances to reach this natural wonder.

Whether you’re one of them—or you have been eager to see Belize and the reef—here’s an opportunity you won’t want to miss: Belize Reef Fishing Tours staged by Belizean Dreams Resort, a premier property that hugs the Caribbean Sea and is located in close proximity to the reef. Sound like something you long to do?

About Belizean Dreams’ reef fishing excursion

This specialty tour begins bright and early (7 a.m.) with a short boat ride to rich mangrove formations where you’ll collect the fresh bait you need to snag your catch with your favorite tackle. From there, you’ll head to a choice of reef locations well known to experienced, certified guides chosen by your Belizean Dreams host—spots where barracuda, grouper, jacks, king mackerel and species of snapper have been spotted.

How to prepare for your day at the reef? Pack essentials: sunglasses, a hat, sunscreen, your camera/smartphone, Dramamine (even if you don’t get seasick), and power bars if you like to nibble while you fish. Wear long-sleeve shirts and pants to minimize sun exposure. Your Belizean Dreams guide will bring along a packed lunch and extra gear, just in case you need it.

Expect to return to the resort around 3 p.m. or so—exhausted, exhilarated and the bearer of great examples of your reef fishing acumen. Belizean Dreams chefs are delighted to cook your catch to your specifications that night, and if you’re prolific enough, you could treat all of your companions to a freshly-caught dinner.

Affordable, fun and requiring only 24-hours’ notice to book

…this is the ultimate adventure, and since it’s not tied to accommodations or an all inclusive package, you can fish every day if your stamina and credit card hold out. Make 2020 the year you stop saying no to experiences that have the potential thrill your soul and make you feel alive. This reef fishing tour makes good on both promises!

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