6 Questions to Ask Before Booking a Belize Beach Vacation

Booking a Belize Beach Vacation

Q#1: Is it true what travel experts say about the world’s best snorkeling and diving off the Belize coast?

A: Home to the world’s second-longest barrier reef, visitors have access to sites like The Great Blue Hole, the Silk Cayes, and other world-class diving and snorkeling hot spots. The secret to getting in as many expeditions as possible? Book at Belizean Dreams Resort and avail yourself of the property’s exciting tour list.

Q#2: Should I cherry-pick items from my beach resort’s menu or is it better to grab a package?

A: Unless you have so much wealth you could afford to buy your own resort, Belize all inclusive is the only way to vacation for folks ranging from fuss budgets to moguls. Since everything is included, your brain stays on autopilot while you enjoy meals, accommodations, onsite amenities, local transport and so much more.

Booking a Belize Beach Vacation

Q#3: Should I load a bunch of apps on my device so I can function during my beach vacation?

A: Even visitors who flunked math find the conversion rate of $2 BZD to $1 USD unforgettable, so free up your device by skipping the app and letting your brain do the calculations. Since English is spoken throughout Belize, translation apps aren’t necessary either–unless you intend to cross borders, in which case a Spanish language app could come in handy. 

Q#4: Do I have to worry about safety risks along the shoreline?

A: Stop watching shark movies! There are sharks in Belize waters but they only show up during short periods of time and they’re the shyest sharks you’ll ever meet. Don’t expect lifeguards since resorts like Belizean Dreams count on guests to look out for their own welfare when they swim in the ocean and freshwater infinity pool. Sunscreen is important—as are sunglasses and a head covering if you intend to rack up endless hours in the sun.

Q#5: Are there activities in Belize that suit those of us who are into extreme sports?

A: How does the idea of trekking into a jungle to repel down cliffs adjacent to waterfalls, zip lining over jungle tree canopies, searching for inhabitants of the world’s only jaguar reserve, and repelling into underground caves once used by Maya priests for sacrificial ceremonies sound? Belize is a mecca for thrill-seekers as well as those whose singular goal is tanning on the beach with a cocktail in hand.

Belize Maya Ruin

Q#6: What if I need answers to additional questions during my sojourn?

A: This is the easiest question of all. You won’t find a more welcoming community in the hemisphere and by staying at Belizean Dreams, expect to encounter the most knowledgeable staff ever, so pose every question that comes to mind. Special dietary needs? Where to get a massage? Is it safe to go into nearby Hopkins for the nightlife? Resort staffers want you to return and they’re eager to do what it takes to make your Belize beach vacation remarkable.

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