Planning an All Inclusive Belize Vacation: Your Essential Guide

planning an all inclusive Belize vacation

Having a game plan is the secret behind successful team sports, large social gatherings, and even business meetings, thus it stands to reason that a game plan can turn an ordinary vacation into an extraordinary one! While you can’t second guess Mother Nature, you can keep her in mind when you sort out your vacation game plan by following these suggestions. Who couldn’t use a little help in the planning department?

Choosing the right destination

Weigh your options – especially if your objective is sun and fun. Not every warm winter destination is safe, tourist-friendly, and affordable, but Belize shines in all three categories. Everyone speaks English and the flight to Belize is so short, you may not have enough time to complete the crossword puzzle you brought along.

Select the Belize all inclusive resort that meets all of your needs

For fans of Belizean Dreams, there is no alternative. All inclusive Belize package options offer every guest a bounty of perks. Even the smallest accommodation is spacaious and delicious meals, incidentals, taxes, onsite activities, and tours are included. Nearly all pacakges even offer complimentary beverages.

Stay close to town for more fun

Proximity to Hopkins is one of the main reasons Belizean Dreams is so popular. Get your fill of Belize culture, learn about the nation’s history, and especially about the town’s charming, friendly Garifuna people whose history, language, and arts are very unique and exotic in the region. Shop local boutiques for handcrafted treasures and grab a bite while in town. Learn to drum if you are eager to for a healthy stress-reduction experience. Return in the evening if you don’t want the party to end!

all inclusive Belize vacations

There is no bad travel season!

It would be no exaggeration to say that Belize sun and aquatic fun are prime reasons visitors from North America love Belize, but plenty of them are willing to trade a little inconvenience like the green season for price drops that make a low season trip to Central America downright affordable. Having already saved money by choosing one of the Belizean Dreams’ all inclusive Belize vacation package deals, time your visit accordingly to find specials to which only website visitors and subscribers are made privy.

Find everything you need in one place

Having decided that Belizean Dreams stands head and shoulders above other resorts for an endless list of reasons, consider other must-have amenities like the Bliss Salon and Spa, sublime gardens and landscaping, an inviting infinity swimming pool, beachfront Tiki Bar, transportation assistance, and customized tour planning. Yup – planning really is the key to an idyllic Belize all inclusive vacation year-round.

Can anyone put a price on finding a tropical property this beautifully equipped to satisfy every visitor’s needs and desires? Of course not. Putting your vacation into the hands of Belizean Dreams hosts — whether as a single traveler, a couple, or even a family — is like coming home to a familiar place — even if it’s to be your very first visit!

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