One Couple’s Grand Plan For a Belize November They’ll Always Remember

Belize in November

Julie and Steve looked out their window just as the snowplow pulled down the block, watching as the giant shovel pushed drifts into neighboring driveways, including theirs. At least the plow didn’t take out their mailbox this time around!

“Whose idea was it to settle in Minnesota?” she asked. The question was an annual ritual, but this year, things were different. The couple had survived the worst of the pandemic, tucked away more savings than usual, and were about to lose accrued vacation days as their work year wound down.

“Belize,” Steve said aloud as he fixated on his computer screen. He had just been surfing for opportunities to lie on a sunny beach and leave the snow blowing to the teen down the block. When he happened upon a feature story about the benefits of a Belize vacation in November – weather and price breaks especially – he was sold.

Julie and Steve happened upon the Belizean Dreams Resort website during their search for accommodations and scrolled no further after reviewing the resort’s perks and wallet-pleasing rates. We’re not sure whether they will accomplish everything on their lists during their visit, but they’ve vowed to try.

Julie’s Must-Do List

  • Spend lots of time snuggling in one of the resort’s comfortable accommodations
  • Go shopping for handcrafted treasures in nearby Hopkins
  • Let skilled chefs running the resort’s on-site restaurant do all the cooking
  • Update my diving certification and talk Steve into getting certified
  • Find out why divers rave about The Belize Blue Hole by jumping in.

Steve’s Must-Do List

  • Talk Julie into seeing as many Maya ruins as time allows
  • Go on at least one adventure – caving, tubing, repelling or zip lining
  • Visit animal sanctuaries to learn more about Belize’s wildlife
  • Stay in shape by hitting the resort’s infinity pool each morning
  • Spend time enjoying life at the resort’s beachfront Tiki Bar.

November in Belize

A shared wish

Having read about Belize’s history and diversity, Julie and Steve realized that the time frame they’ve set aside for their Belizean Dreams holiday coincides with one of the nation’s most festive cultural anniversaries: Garifuna Settlement Day on November 19th. This colorful holiday is eagerly anticipated by citizens and tourists alike.

Further exploration of the Belizean Dreams website revealed Belize all inclusive packages that not only save money, but because everything about their stay would be pre-set, they stood the best chance of checking everything off their lists while being on hand to celebrate this exciting holiday.

There’s more to love about Belizean Dreams

While on the resort’s website, Julie and Steve happened upon the resort’s specials page and found deals that delighted them. They will likely delight you, too.

Would you like to take advantage of their careful research and planning? It’s almost November so make your Belizean Dreams reservation right now. You’re welcome to draw up your own to-do lists or feel free to borrow Steve’s and Julie’s if you’re happy to follow in their carefully planned footsteps!

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