6 Reasons to Vacation in Belize During the Month of May

Belize in May

Forget all about Maypole dances, garden parties, and early summer social occasions. Instead, hire someone to clean up your yard after the ravages of winter and head for Belize in May for all sorts of compelling reasons – especially if you sojourn at Belizean Dreams Resort in Hopkins Village where showing up for May festivals and events could even include money-saving specials!

Choose your May travel dates with these delightful events in mind

  1. You don’t have to love cashew nuts to appreciate the fun surrounding Belize’s Agricultural Show staged from May 27th to the 29th. Creative mixologists working at the nation’s distilleries churn out a cashew wine that will make you a nut lover. Getting to the epicenter of this event in Belmopan is as easy as asking your Belizean Resort host to help with transportation options.
  2. Expect no end of tasty treats at the 2022 Chocolate Festival, staged just a few days earlier in Punta Gorda. Chocolate was prepared by Mayas as early as 900 AD and today’s cacao farmers pay tribute to the many versions of this delectable food each year. It’s not all about eating. On May 24, 2022, indulge in a variety of Garifuna activities like dancing and drumming so you stay slim, no matter how much chocolate you eat.
  3. You don’t have to consume chocolate or cashews to properly celebrate Sovereign’s Day slated to be marked on May 23rd and May 24th. Yes, the Chocolate Festival overlaps but given Belize’s small size, getting from one place to another is never a big deal and since this public holiday marks the organization of 54 independent or sovereign states under the British monarchy, you’ll find celebrations throughout Belize. 

Belize in May

  1. Come to Belize early in the month of May and bring your mom along. If she’s never been properly honored with the gift of an overseas trip to celebrate Mother’s Day, make this the year. You don’t have to tell Mom that you were able to afford this trip thanks to Belizean Dreams discounts, one of which can be used exclusively for May bookings.
  2. Snorkel and island-hop. May is a great month to go snorkeling & island hopping in Belize. Our experienced guides will take you on a 30-minute boat ride to the Southern Barrier Reef which offers several different snorkeling sites within the reserve for beginners and experienced snorkelers. Don gear and take the plunge into the crystal waters where eagle rays and sea turtles hang out with beautifully-colored exotic fish. If you’re among the fortunate, you could meet up with friendly nurse sharks. This adventure is truly suited to those who like their adventures more mild than wild.
  3. Make the most of your visit in May if you can’t get enough bird watching by coming down at any time of the month to experience for yourself Belize’s remarkable avian populations. According to the Belize Zoo, 580 species of birds have been documented within Belize – a profound number for sure.

Use your Belizean Dreams May discount to buy yourself state-of-the-art binoculars with the money you saved by picking a Belize all inclusive package that dovetails with the resort’s summer special. The author Edwin Way Teale once said, “All things seem possible in May.” Why not make 2022 the year you echo his sentiment?

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