Mango Street Fest 2024: Hopkins Village’s Fruitiest Celebration

Mango Street Fest 2023

If you’ve been mulling a visit to Belize and you’ve done your homework, you know that Ambergris Caye has ceded the title of “most happening place” to Hopkins. This quiet, laid-back village is fast developing a reputation for being a cultural mecca. Located in the Stann Creek District, Hopkins shows off its diversity with special events like the upcoming Mango Street Fest, set to take place on June 8, 2024.

More than just a fruitfest

When you’re not feasting on this exotic fruit, there are lots of nearby attractions to experience, including Monkey River cruises where Howler monkey encounters of the loud kind are found. Hopkins is near several Maya ruins, the Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary, and Mayflower Bocawina National Park. Hopkins is home to Garifuna music and art, so visitors coming to the Mango Street Fest won’t run out of things to do!

Sponsored by the Belize Tourism Industry Association and select agricultural entities, Mango Street Fest promises visitors two delicious days of entertainment in addition to serving mango-infused foods at food stalls, vendor stops, and stands. You’ll need nearby digs so you don’t waste a moment, and nothing surpasses Belizean Dreams Resort, where the best all-inclusive packages are found.

Hopkins Mango Fest

Who knew one fruit could drive an entire festival?

No worries about getting to the festivities from Belizean Dreams when your mango craving proves too strong to ignore. Visitors attending the Mango Festival can take advantage of Belizean Dreams’ golf cart rental. The resort maintains a selection of golf carts for their guests as well as complimentary bikes. Not only is this location perfect for enjoying the festival, but it also serves as a gateway to explore the stunning and serene surroundings of this charming community.

At the festival, you’ll be enticed by treats that “celebrate the fruit in all its forms.” You’ll be offered mango, Belize’s unofficial fruit, and other just-picked produce plus tasty surprises. Enjoy music and other entertainments at the Fest, where no admission fee is required, and do eat your fill. Mango is so nutrient dense, you could improve your health by overeating, since every mango contains 20 vitamins and minerals, qualifying it as a “superfood” in the eyes of health and fitness experts.

Hopkins Belize Mango Festival

Get a taste of Belizean Dreams’ other delights

When your taste buds are not giving this exotic fruit the respect it deserves, Belizean Dreams offers guests so many diversions, you won’t have trouble working off the samples you consume at the fair. One glance at the resort’s tour schedule tells you everything you need to know about the variety of adventures available to you, some of which are included in packages.

And if your your timing is precise, a package discount that must be booked immediately could be yours, too. Sound like the most delicious vacation you’ve been offered in years? Make it sweeter by asking your accountant whether a note from your doctor, urging you to eat more of this vitamin-rich fruit, might qualify your Mango Fest trip as a deductible expense when you file your taxes. It can’t hurt to ask!

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