June in Belize – 6 Reasons to Plan Your Visit Now!

June in Belize – 6 Reasons to Plan Your Visit Now!

Where are newly-liberated North Americans heading now that travel restrictions are being eased? To Belize, and for obvious reasons. This nation is a vacationer’s dream because it’s close to the U.S., everyone speaks English and no destination is more dedicated to making sure visitors have a fabulous time during their stays. Add these 6 to your list of reasons to start planning since June is on the horizon!

Reason #1: Summer in Belize is awesome. Crowds are non-existent so standing in line to get a table at your favorite restaurant, take a fishing excursion, or finding a vacant parcel of beach on Belize’s award-winning beaches are all the rules, not the exception.

Reason #2: While friends and family plan picnics at crowded parks and beaches, you can find yourself sitting at a Belize restaurant table having your fill of lobster. Sandwiches? No thank you. Lobster season is a highlight of summer in Belize that is not lost on gourmands who come to eat this luscious delicacy at every opportunity.

Reason #3: There is still time to indulge your inner adventurer by swimming with whale sharks. These hefty creatures stick around for the end of their migration cycle until July so you can find out for yourself how thrilling it feels to get up close and personal to these relatively shy creatures.

Reason #4: Come June, Copa Airlines resumes its former flight schedule from Panama, but domestic carriers have already re-instituted routes. Search for deals on American, Delta, United, and Southwest out of Toronto, Calgary, Fort Lauderdale, Miami, Dallas, Houston, Chicago, LA, and Denver.

Reason #5: Get to know the indigenous people of Belize by spending time in Hopkins, the heartland of the Garifuna people. Bring your dancing shoes so you don’t miss an invitation to learn Punta dance moves or pick up drumming tips. It’s impossible to stay stressed out while banging on a drum!

Reason #6: For a relatively small nation, Belize offers visitors so much to do, you may need a vacation when you get home. Snorkel, dive, go birding, take in as many of Belize’s 900+ Mayan ruins and caves as time permits, visit chocolate farms or do absolutely nothing while logging time on the hemisphere’s best beaches.

Belizean Dreams Relaxation

Can I really do all of this?

You bet. Book accommodations at one of the nation’s premier properties, the luxurious Belizean Dreams Resort, and tell your hosts that you want to do everything on this list. The concierge won’t blink an eye because all of these experiences are on the property’s standard tour menu and some are included in the Belize all inclusive packages.

Located in close proximity to Hopkins where busting a move and drumming are not to be missed, Belizean Dreams Resort offers everything weary post-Covid travelers crave, including the Bliss Salon & Spa, award-winning Woven Palms Restaurant & Beachfront Tiki Bar and there may be a price reduction in your future if you take advantage of the property’s Belize vacation specials.

Don’t be surprised if your stay at Belizean Dreams is so idyllic, you find yourself adding to our list of six reasons to come to Belize in June! Browse the resort’s photo galleries to further whet your appetite for paradise. Your next move? Dig out a suitcase. It’s time to travel!

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