Is Belize in the Caribbean?

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This question may seem far-fetched, but if you’ve visited, you already know that Belize is more Caribbean than all of its neighbors combined.

Any country located along the Caribbean Sea’s shoreline can lay claim to this designation. But the Caribbean is also a distinct cultural movement associated with lifestyle differences like food, music, and arts. Is Belize in the Caribbean? Of course, it is. Just ask anyone who takes Belize vacations and they will agree!

7 Reasons Belize is a Caribbean epicenter

Caribbean Culture in Belize

1. Belize’s roots are an amalgam of ethnicities. Yes, people speak Spanish, but it’s considered a second language compared to English. Travel experts say that only about 30-percent of Belizeans speak Spanish while everyone speaks English.

2. Belize is part of the social and economic Caribbean community. As a member of CARICOM, the Caribbean’s equivalent of the European Union, Belize has closer ties to other Caribbean nations than it does to neighboring nations.

3. There are no mistaking artistic ties between Belize art, music and culture and nations like Jamaica, Haiti, and the Dominican Republic. From religious practices and beliefs to sensibilities, Belizeans have more in common with African and Jamaican societies than neighboring nations like Mexico, Guatemala, and Nicaragua.

4. You’ll find a more eclectic native language mix in Belize than you do in most Central American nations. Expect to hear Garifuna, Belizean Creole, a Mestizo dialect and languages rooted in ancient Maya tongues spoken by the populace.

5. Belize cuisine is distinct. Read a menu and you’ll find dishes made with ingredients found in other Central American dishes, but you can count on distinct tastes, smells, and accompaniments. For example, In Belize, rice and beans are cooked with coconut and coconut milk, both missing from recipes prepared in Hispanic eateries and homes.

6. Belize’s landscape is quintessentially Caribbean. From the best beaches in Central America to the preponderance of palm trees, tropical flowers, and fragrances you’ll find everywhere throughout the Caribbean, Belize’s landscape is tropical on steroids.

7. Belize music is distinct. Unlike Latin nations that rely upon guitars for melodies and harmonies, Belize is all about percussion. Distinct vibes include Mestizo, Kriol, and Garifuna genres that sound so much like calypso music, you may think you’ve been transported to Trinidad or Jamaica.

You don’t have to have visited “eastern” Caribbean hubs to recognize the close ties between Belize and other nations cited in this comparison, but why not see and taste the differences for yourself?

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