How to get to Dreamer’s Paradise – Hopkins Belize

How to get to Dreamer's Paradise - Hopkins Belize

How to get to Dreamer's Paradise - Hopkins Belize

I’m sure you’ve all heard of how-to blogs. This is the second of many that we will be posting aimed at helping you, our valued travelers, to vacation with ease. Our first how to blog was Tipping in Belize which shared the dos and don’ts to the art of tipping.

Quite often, we are asked by travelers, “How can I get to Hopkins, Belize?” To help you find your way, we have created this informative blog rightfully entitled above… “Getting to a Dreamer’s Paradise”

We always say, “Just get yourself to Belize, then relax and allow us to take care of the rest.” Then some of our clever travelers return with, “Then how do I get to Belize?

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To get to Belize, a traveler must first book a flight under code BZE at the Phillip Goldson International Airport. The answer we provide to travelers is pretty straight forward since getting to our little corner of Paradise, Belize, is very easy from almost any destination in the world. Especially with these new daily direct flights to Belize!

Yes, you read that right! There are daily flights options from several international airports in the United States, Mexico, and Central America that will bring you to “our jewel”, Belize. You can even travel from Canada or the UK by flight, and then board a connecting flight to either USA, Cancun, El Salvador, Guatemala or Honduras to Belize!

Wowed by the wide selection of international traveling options, our very intrigued traveler would then inquire about entry requirements. We would be happy to enlighten them that for citizens of the U.S., Britain, Canada, Australia, Hong Kong, Mexico, New Zealand, Norway, Venezuela, CARICOM member states and nationals of European Community countries, only a valid passport is required. While citizens from other countries, such as China, Cuba, Columbia, Honduras, Haiti, South Africa, Taiwan, India, and Libya,  are required to possess a visa to enter Belize.  See the complete list here. Once you arrive in Belize, your true journey to a Dreamers Paradise, Belizean Dreams Resort, really begins. 

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Our highly recommended Transportation option allows our travelers to have a hassle-free vacation because local transportation with the following option is simple & the commute time to Belizean Dreams Resort is very short.  

You, our Traveler, would only have to provide us with a copy of your International Flight Itinerary; This would aid us in booking your short commuter flight from the International Airport to Dangriga. The local flight, on Maya Island Air’s puddle-jumper, takes about 15-20 minutes and then our company van would safely escort you, our valued traveler to our resort in Hopkins, Belize.

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See just like we said, it’s hassle-free, short & simple—which is why we also include this transportation option in all of our all inclusive packages as well.

We also offer full ground/road transfer from Philip Goldson International Airport in Belize City to Belizean Dreams Resort in Hopkins as an alternative transportation route for those who prefer not to take the Local Flight.

To read more on our other transportation options, please visit our GETTING HERE page or simply email us at [email protected]