Hopkins, Belize – The #1 Culture Destination

Hopkins, Belize - The #1 Culture Destination

Stretching approximately five miles along the charming coast of southern Belize, Hopkins is a quaint fishing village that attracts travelers yearning to soak up sea breezes and Belize’s Afro-Caribbean culture. It was founded by Garifuna settlers who migrated from Newtown, a nearby settlement, after it was destroyed by a hurricane. They named the village after Frederick Hopkins, a Catholic Bishop, who sadly perished with two nuns in the blue Caribbean waters, as a cautionary tale to travelers they named the village after him. 

Hopkins Belize

Proudly regarded as the #1 cultural destination throughout the country of Belize, Hopkins is home to the beautiful Garifuna community with a population of approximately 1,500 persons. 

Garifuna Hopkins Belize

The village’s central location on the coast of southern Belize provides a unique base for visitors to experience both jungle and beach adventures. With just a short drive or boat ride, guests can easily experience cave tubing through the ancient Mayan caves and zip-lining atop the rainforest on one day then snorkeling and diving at the world’s 2nd largest living coral reef the next! Trust us, you’ll be in for a thrilling Belize adventure.

While many people travel to Belize in search of crystal clear waters and untouched rainforests, Hopkins is an unpretentious place to meet other like-minded travelers, offering an opportunity to indulge in a new philosophy. Visitors of Hopkins often rave about the friendly locals who dive into conversations eagerly sharing information about their culture, history, local customs and way of life.

Named the “Friendliest Village in Belize” by Belize First Magazine, Hopkins surely lives up to its title by graciously welcoming people from all walks of life. It’s truly a life changing vacation for many as it creates an appreciation for the blessings life has afforded them since most villagers come from humble beginnings.

Garifuna Hopkins Belize

In the end, while the dancing, singing, drumming, and food all add to your experience, it’s the villagers’ smiling faces and picturesque scenery that will make your trip to Belize one to remember.

Fun Fact:

  • November 19th is a yearly national holiday in Belize in honor of the Garinagu people, most of whom have descendants living in Hopkins today. 
  • Most Hopkins residents speak fluent English, as well as their native tongue (a mixture of Arawak, African, French, English, and Spanish).

Where to stay in Hopkins?

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Hopkins Belize