Hopkins Belize: The Best Destination for a November Holiday

November Belize Vacations

You don’t have to go to Paris, Rome, or Kenya to get your cultural fix. Belize, the Central American nation that’s just a few hours by plane from North America, is home to a community of people whose roots in West Africa and transport as slaves to the Western Hemisphere around 1675 maintain a strong presence within the nation’s borders. They’re known as the Garifuna.

Despite being subjected to forced migrations, the Garifuna worked hard to maintain their identities, religious practices, and traditions. While the first permanent Belize settlement was established in Dangriga, another town became an epicenter of life for Garifuna: The Village of Hopkins. If you enjoy a laid-back celebration, it’s where you want to be for this year’s Garifuna Settlement Day Celebration on November 19, 2022.

A small but mighty presence

While working mainly in Belize’s agricultural and fishing industries, Garifuna people prioritize their individuality and cultural identity via art, music, religion, cuisine, and other practices. It took time and pressure for the Belize government to acknowledge the Garifuna’s contribution to Belize’s society. Ultimately, November 19th was proclaimed Garifuna Settlement Day to recognize the contributions these folks make to the nation’s multi-cultural mix. Interested in knowing more? Hopkins should be your #1 choice for a November getaway.

Details, first!

If you’d like to be on hand for one of Belize’s liveliest celebrations around November 19th, you must first book airline flights. A return to post-COVID service means you’ll have your choice of non-stop flights on Alaska, American, Delta, Sun Country, Southwest, and United Airlines. West Jet is your ticket if you’ll depart from Canada.

Having secured tickets, booking a property offering 24/7 access to Hopkins’ non-stop Garifuna Settlement Day festivities is a must, especially if the lodging offers guests fun activities. Belizean Dreams Resort is not only situated on the ocean but offers guests Belize all-inclusive packages that simplify a stay so you enjoy a holiday that suits your interests.

November Belize Vacations

Get your fill of Garifuna-style fun

Expect to jump into Settlement Day activities with both feet. You’ll be treated to traditional music that’s heavy on percussion and signature Garifuna music that includes Punta style tunes. Street vendors offer appetite-pleasing ethnic treats, including traditional cassava bread and hudut (fish cooked in coconut).

You’ll have opportunities to hear oral histories directly from elders about the arduous journey that brought these people to Belize, and you can expect to dance more than you have in ages once the music touches your soul and your soles!

Returning to your digs at Belizean Dreams offers a respite that’s idyllic. Swim in the pool, relax on the beach, treat yourself to a massage at the Bliss Salon and Spa and celebrate your decision to choose so fortuitous a time to vacation in Belize at Hopkins’ premier resort. Explore the Belizean Dreams website to learn more about this property and you will be hard-pressed to say no to a vacation this November! 

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