Dreams, Drums and Dasara: Discover Garifuna Cultural Wonders in Hopkins, Belize

Dreams, Drums and Dasara: Discover Garifuna Cultural Wonders in Hopkins, Belize

Travel not only feeds the soul, enriches the mind, and gives wanderers new perspective, but learning about the cultural riches nations possess can contribute to global understanding and harmony. Consider the arduous journey undertaken by West African slaves who were forcibly removed from their homeland and sent to the Western hemisphere.

Not all captives made the full journey to enslavement. Some escaped. Others survived shipwrecks in the Caribbean where they intermarried and birthed a unique society born of Arawak and Carib Indian roots and traditions that became known as Black Caribs or more commonly Garifuna. This culture thrives within the boundaries of select Central American nations, particularly in Hopkins Belize, a vibrant epicenter of Garifuna life.

A distinct musical genre

Contributing mightily to Belize’s cultural mix, the presence of Garifuna can be seen today in specific ways. From establishing farming practices to maintaining a distinct language, traditional dress and family and community ties, the Garifuna are solely responsible for a distinct music genre, driven by percussion instruments and especially drums.

Punta, a modern musical style based on traditional music, delivers a highly contagious sound and prompts an energetic form of dance, too. How to identify punta? According to tourists who make it a point to master this energetic dance, you’ll encounter punta dancing just about everywhere you go in Hopkins, so don’t hesitate to join the fun.

Tasty culinary traditions

Given the amalgamation of two cultures originating in Africa and the Caribbean, a distinct Garifuna cooking style was bound to emerge that fuses the flavors, spices, cookery, and preparation of dishes prepared Garifuna style and spotted on menus throughout Belize. Dine at Garifuna eateries in Hopkins for some of the best meals you’ll eat during your visit.

Among the distinctive dishes representing Garifuna cuisine are darasa, machuca, hudut, fried fish, sere, conch soup, tapou and cassava pudding. There are many more dishes to try, and you’re invited explore as many as time allows, from tasty soups to desserts.

Hopkins Belize Garifuna

Where to stay to immerse yourself in Garifuna culture…

…music, food and more? At Hopkins’ most welcoming property, Belizean Dreams Resort. This award-winning resort specializes in tropical luxury and offers every guest proximity to all aspects of Garifuna culture.

Belizean Dreams prioritizes guest needs and desires, which is why the resort offers Belize all inclusive packages that bundle lodgings, a fabulous onsite restaurant, endless amenities, tours, and extras for a single price so guests can be about the business of discovering all things Garifuna rather than worrying about individual expenditures.

Drums, dining, and deals!

A full immersion in Garifuna culture paired with an all inclusive stay is the reason travelers from around the globe stay at Belizean Dreams in Hopkins. The second option is especially advantageous if you want to perfect your drumming and punta dancing while exploring culinary and cultural surprises throughout Hopkins. Bring your curiosity. Bring your appetite. Bring comfy clothing so your hips aren’t confined when you bust some punta moves during your fun-filled time at Belizean Dreams Resort!

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