A Group Vacation in Belize? We’ve Got You Covered!

Group Vacation in Belize

The decision to organize a group trip to the Caribbean is quite the undertaking, but if you share planning and responsibilities with the members of your posse, you can anticipate a getaway that’s unlike any you’ve enjoyed in the past. Group travel is fun and rewarding, and the benefits just keep coming! They include:

  • Spending intensive amounts of time with like-minded people who share your perspectives.
  • Sharing financial costs that make your portion of the trip affordable.
  • Going to places you would skip on your own and doing things you wouldn’t do solo.
  • Enjoying the peace of mind that comes from being in the company of people you trust.
  • Traveling in a group can also push every member out of their comfort zone!

Why destination matters

Even the most amiable and cooperative group of people are going to have differences. Some won’t want to have to learn another language. Others equate long plane rides with torture! There are bound to be group members who are on special diets, and activity interests are diverse, which is why you can accommodate everyone’s wishes by choosing Belize as your destination. Picking a resort is just as easy, once you and your pals learn more about Belizean Dreams Resort, located along the Caribbean shore and close to all the hottest attractions.

Because members of your party are unique, Belizean Dreams offers onsite activities that include a private beach (home to the popular Tiki Bar), gorgeous landscaping, the swimming pool, a variety of tours, an al fresco restaurant, and more. Make your group getaway even better by opting for the All Inclusive Group Package, which saves time, money, and stress, plus you’ll get a discount when you book 5 or more all inclusive rooms.

Group Vacation in Belize

What to do as a group at Belizean Dreams

Because Belizean Dreams wants to make sure your group has access to Belize’s treasures, staff created a list of scheduled tours that can help your group pick the perfect days for your sojourn, and while your package determines which of these fit into your group’s itinerary, you’re bound to be blown away by the variety!

  • On Mondays, adventurous souls can cave tube and zip-line.
  • Tuesday is “snorkeling day.” Expert guides, gear, and transport are all included.
  • Curious tourists can visit Xunantunich, the awe-inspiring Maya ruin, on Wednesday.
  • The Mayflower Waterfall Hike on Thursday mixes moderate activity with awesome scenery.
  • Friday is another snorkel day. It’s the favorite activity of Belize visitors.
  • Add tours from the Belizean Dreams tour menu any day, and don’t end your vacation before meeting the friendliest, most laid-back people in Hopkins Village.

Group travel can be stressful, but it doesn’t have to be if you choose a destination designed for folks with diverse interests who pledge to respect everyone’s space and preferences. You do the hard part by corralling group members and undertaking the booking chore at this toll-free phone number: 1(800) 456-7150. Staff does the rest by making your group experience so amazing, that it ends with everyone in the group agreeing, “Let’s come back next year!”

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