Group Travel in Belize: How to Become Your Crowd’s Hero

Group Travel in Belize: How to Become Your Crowd’s Hero

It’s easier than you think to plan a group vacation when your destination is Belize.

Your office, club, girlfriends or guy friends have been talking about it for so long, you’re tired of listening to how much everyone needs a getaway. Now, the vestiges of summer are coming to an end and before long, winter will rear its head.

That stated, we ask the question: How much longer are you going to put this off?

We’ve got a game plan just for you—strategies and suggestions. We’ve even got the perfect venue: Belizean Dreams Resort where dreams really do come true. The following tips can move your group from “wishing” to “doing.” If you spearhead this effort, expect lots of free drinks from your pals once you arrive. You deserve every one.

5 Rules for planning your vacation

1. Send your friends to the Belizean Dreams website so they can get a glimpse of what awaits them at this award-winning tropical paradise.

2. Get everyone together with their calendars at your favorite watering hole. Don’t leave until you pick a date for your trip. Summer pricing is still in effect through mid December, but if you want to house your entire crowd, book your lodgings as early as possible.

3. Ask everyone what they’d like to do while on your Belizean Dreams hiatus. You’re probably going to get plenty of input. But here’s the thing: Pick one of the all inclusive Belize packages designed just for groups and not only do you save money but you won’t have to lift a finger to enjoy your holiday.

4. Pack for the weather. Yes, there could be the occasional rain shower, but it will come and go so fast, the only telltale sign you’ll see are the happy nods of tropical plants and trees splashed across the resort’s lush botanical gardens. At night, temperatures hover around 75-degrees F.

5. When you’re not off on adventures, indulge in Belizean Dreams amenities. Get a massage. Hit the beach. Shop Hopkins, the nearest town, for souvenirs, and sample authentic Belizean foods while you’re there.

Belize Tour Group

Make sure everyone reconnoiters at the resort for dinner since meals are part of your package and there are award-winning chefs overseeing The Woven Palms Restaurant. Nightcaps taste better at the beachfront Tiki Bar, too.

Whether your group decides to do everything together when you’re not on your booked tours or you know that one of the best ways to enjoy group travel is to split up and then come to dinner with tales of the day’s events, structure your stay so everyone brings home happy memories.

Is there anything you should know that we haven’t included? There is. Belizean Dreams is addictive! You’re going to want to come back with the whole crew. Next time, let someone else make arrangements since you’ve already earned the thanks of everyone in your crowd for suggesting this idyllic venue in the first place!

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