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If you find yourself hanging on every word printed in prestigious Scientific American publications, you’ll be intrigued by this online magazine’s fascinating article headline, “Not Everyone Wants to be Happy.”

You’re not alone if you’re taken aback by this statement, but scientists at Victoria University of Wellington contributing to this study’s research say that while Americans overwhelmingly say that want to be happy, not every culture feels the same way.

Sounds like North Americans have the market cornered on the pursuit of happiness, and accordingly, the most significant factor in achieving it, according to people surveyed, is “relationships with others.”

What else will you find on just about every American’s list of happiness-generators? Travel—especially if that travel comes from fun, budget-friendly getaways that reward you with endless activities and no nation compares to Belize!

10 reasons you’ll be glad you dreamed big in Belize

  1. No languages to learn! This is an English-speaking nation, so no brain cells need be taxed on translations.
  2. No long flights to reach this Caribbean haven. Eat breakfast at home. Have dinner on the beach.
  3. Where to get the most sublime experience? At Belizean Dreams Resort in Hopkins where dreams come true.
  4. You’ll be surrounded by happy staffers who excel at elevating every guest’s expectations at Belizean Dreams. Every one of them contributes to this Belize resort’s “Best of the Best” Trip Advisor awards.
  5. Expect to be impressed when you read about this property’s all-inclusive packages and add-ons.
  6. Belizean Dreams is located in tranquil Hopkins, where the authentic Belize experience you crave awaits.
  7. Do activities make you happy? The scope of tours offered by resort staff and guides could leave you speechless.
  8. Belizean Dreams specializes in onsite delights designed to please body and mind, including lush gardens, an infinity swimming pool, private beachfront and spa services guaranteed to induce happiness.
  9. Does your definition of happiness include fabulous cuisine you don’t have to prepare or clean up? You’ll want to eat a snack before you browse this page describing the resort’s fabulous restaurant.
  10. Save more money on your getaway. The Belizean Dreams all-inclusive package is just the start of savings if you meet conditions associated with Belizean Dreams’ current special where discounts are so deep, you could afford a longer stay.

Unforgettable Belize beach experiences

When will you claim your share of holiday happiness?

There are many more reasons to select Belizean Dreams Resort as your happiness destination, but we’ll let one of our recent guests add their thoughts to our list because what they said after returning from their happiness-boosting holiday in this note to TripAdvisor bears repeating:

“OMG – Belizean Dreams was beyond our expectations. Their motto ‘Casual elegance surrounded by adventure’ summed up our experience perfectly.”

Even if you arrive in a less-than-convivial mood, you’re going to agree with every word of that review by the time you leave this oasis of bliss!

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