Find Adventure Heaven at This Belize Beach Resort

Find Adventure Heaven at This Belize Beach Resort

It’s not easy to find an ideal vacation destination—especially if you’re a world-class adventure lover who would prefer bungie jumping to hammock lounging every day of the week and twice on Sunday! Perhaps you’ve been disappointed by promotions promises of 24/7 access to thrills, only to wind up sitting on transport endlessly to reach each site. It’s time to find the epicenter of excitement in Belize where opportunities to risk it all are nearby. 

At Belizean Dreams Resort in Hopkins Village, proximity to the most exciting adventures by land and by sea is an advantage you’ll appreciate if you’ve been disappointed in the past. Get your fill of paradise on the wild side without the long transit via these six resort excursions:

  1. The jungle horseback riding tour
  2. Mayflower waterfall hiking tour (included in certain packages)
  3. Cave tubing and jungle canopy zip-lining tour (included in certain packages)
  4. A Black Hole drop tour
  5. Jungle zip-lining and waterfall hiking combo
  6. Jungle Zip-lining and waterfall rappelling tour

Can’t catch your breath? It happens. And any/all of them can make it onto your itinerary once you arrive for your holiday stay and if you want to exceed your expectations, nobody will stop you from signing up for all of them!

Belize Adventure Packages
Photo: Fatima Jackson @dearfatima_

First things first

If you’ve heard the saying that every journey begins with a single step, and your first step toward nirvana begins with a Belize all-inclusive package booking that bundles everything about your sojourn into a single affordable rate. Three package options suit every traveler’s definition of fun and excitement. Which one is your pick?

Why do packages turn an ordinary stay into a carefree one? Because accommodations, round trip transfers from Belize International Airport to the resort, three daily meals, local beverages, and select adventure tours (on certain packages) are all included. Book the aforementioned specialty tours with the resort’s front desk once you’ve assessed your game plan if you want to keep going. After all, everyone’s capacity for adventure is unique and who says that one life-changing waterfall repelling experience is enough?

Saving money can be an equally thrilling adventure

At present, there’s an amazing deal available to adventurers who are looking to travel between now and December 18, 2022. You identify the package that fits your vacation style and as long as this popular resort isn’t fully booked at the time you want to come down, you could reduce your package tab by 15%. Do the math. Those savings could be your ticket to any of those add-on adventures, so you wind up with the ultimate affordable itinerary. 

Whether you’ve never met a horse you could ride endlessly or you keep promising to try zip-lining because your friends say it’s the ultimate high, can you think of a deal that offers you this much fun and escape in addition to money savings? We see you nodding your head in agreement. The time has come and you’re ready, thrill seeker!

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