Calling All Eco-Explorers: Bring the Whole Family on Your Belize Adventure!

Belize Eco-Explorers add on

What’s the best thing about today’s eco-explorer movement? It appeals to every age, from seniors to kids, so planning this type of family getaway isn’t just fun but an eye-opening adventure for every generation. The International Ecotourism Society says that opportunities to share the love of responsible travel not only introduces families to conservation advances throughout the globe but learning about the people who reside in these nations is an unexpected bonus!

The ideal antidote for pricey theme parks and giant cruise ships, eco-explorers not only avoid crowds while seeing the wonders of the world in pristine states, but according to Family Travel founder Lauren Goldenberg, “Kids and nature just go together—it’s such an easy match.” Inspire World Travel owner Julia Slatcher agrees. Parents “want their children to be good citizens of the world,” and eco-exploring, especially in nearby Belize where English is spoken and plane rides are short, make this nation the ideal destination choice!

Why Belize is perfect for “multigen” travel

For grandparents and parents who despair that the only way their youngsters can see wildlife is at a zoo, an opportunity to share meetups with critters is priceless. No matter how many generations of family you include, you couldn’t find a more accommodating property than Belizean Dreams Resort in Hopkins where all Inclusive package options eliminate stress and planning and deliver on value.

Once you’ve chosen the All Inclusive Package, the Belize Eco-Explorer Add-On* is designed to delight every family member. Don’t tell the kids that they’ll not only have fun but learn about ecology when your family makes three stops on Tuesday at a chocolate farm, butterfly farm, and the Maya King Waterfall. On Thursday, kids can chat up primates they encounter on a Monkey River tour.

More benefits of your multigen eco-explorer getaway

Today’s families are not only separated by miles but some are separated by continents. Even the shortest sojourn at Belizean Dreams delivers benefits you may never have thought about, including:

  • Talking to each other! Good, old-fashioned communication rules. 
  • Everyone in the family gets a break from their ordinary routines. 
  • Family bonds are strengthened as youngsters experience nature in all its glory.
  • Everyone has opportunities to interact with folks in this fascinating culture.
  • Each family member enjoys a confidence boost that only travel engenders.
  • Eco-adventures teach kids about resilience and problem-solving skills. 
  • With each stop on this itinerary, family stories are created that last forever! 

Belize Eco-Explorers

This eco-friendly getaway not only inspires all generations but opens a window on the world that won’t soak up the family budget since every aspect of this eco-explorer experience is affordable. Resort onsite amenities like the spa, lush gardens, infinity swimming pool, and fine dining, are the kind of extras you expect from a luxury property and they’re all included, so if you can think of a better way immerse yourselves in nature as a family without lifting a finger, we’d love to hear about it!

*The Belize Eco-Explorer Add-On can only be booked with the All Inclusive Package.

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