Fall in Love Again…with Hopkins Belize

Fall in Love With Hopkins Belize

When travel expert Carolina Bologna explored the topic of why “Even the most adventurous travelers have their favorite repeat destinations,” she rooted out a variety of reasons. Included among them are some surprises:

  • We form emotional attachments to places that remind us of fond experiences and travel companions.
  • We long to return because we feel an especially close bond with the local culture and community members.
  • Some of us can’t get enough history – especially those curious about Mesoamerica.
  • We are repeatedly drawn to one aspect of a destination: be it the beauty, ecology, or even food!
  • Familiarity offers returnees feelings of safety, comfort, and ease that new locations don’t offer.
  • It’s more relaxing. “You’ve probably already eliminated tourist traps,” writes Bologna, so travelers can focus more on relaxation and less on places of no interest.
  • Some destinations are associated with long-standing family traditions, thus treasured memories made in these cherished places can be almost sacred. “It’s like coming home,” one wistful traveler admitted.
  • Finally, can you put a price on the special treatment you receive as a repeat visitor? You know the answer!

There’s more to love about Hopkins, Belize

Returning to Hopkins – whether you come every year, or you’ve just recently discovered this area and appreciate its distinct character when compared to the usual Belize hot spots – is like coming home, especially if eco-travel tops your list of reasons to visit Belize. According to journalist Gisselle Hernandez, Hopkins is quickly becoming a magnet for Eco Travelers escaping the noise of Placencia while “seeking total nature immersion with a side of beach bumming.”

Further, says Hernandez, “Hopkins sits right in the sweet spot of both the [Belize barrier] reef and rainforest worlds,” and with proximity to snorkeling, caye touring, waterfalls, cultural attractions, and jungles, it’s no wonder Belize vacation fans have traded former hubs for Hopkins. Where to stay? One of the village’s most welcoming resorts: Belizean Dreams where you don’t have to dream about paradise. It’s waiting for you.

Hopkins Belize

Belizean Dreams has it all

Sitting along a carefully manicured beach, Belizean Dreams has received so many kudos from TripAdvisor based on guest reviews, you may want to book here just to see what all the excitement is about. Browse guest accommodations and you’ll see why this small resort gets such big reviews from frequent visitors.

The ability to choose from special all inclusive packages is another decisive reason guests keep coming back to Belizean Dreams – not just for the savings but also for carefully curated options. Nearly every package is filled with perks, from spectacular meals and transport to and from the resort to tours and onsite activities that guests who’ve no desire to leave the resort adore, so no matter what your vacation style happens to be, you’ll find just what you’re looking for.

What reasons bring you back to Hopkins repeatedly? We’d love to know. And if you have still not visited this charming town, why not? Chances are, you too will become enamored for your own personal reasons!

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