How To Have an Eco-Friendly Belize Vacation

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You recycle. You ride your bike to help cut fossil fuel emissions. You even check clothing labels to make sure items are made of yarn that’s biodegradable. If you’re ready to take the next step, how about an eco-friendly getaway that meets all the right travel practices?

Start by choosing a close destination – one that’s as serious about sustainability issues as you are: Belize. From protected forests and jungles to sanctuaries dedicated to the preservation of wildlife, Belize is so small you can see lots of cultural sites, natural wonders, and fun attractions without expending excess fuel to get around.

Here’s a bonus: If you dislike using language apps, no worries. Everyone in Belize speaks English. Get out the suitcases. You’ve found Nirvana just a few hours from home.

How to prepare for your responsible escape

Having found the most direct, non-stop flight to Belize by patronizing airlines known for higher occupancy rates and more efficient planes, you’ll want to sleuth out a region and a resort that won’t disappoint. Find tropical bliss in the Village of Hopkins, home to the friendliest people in the nation, according to polls.

Hopkins residents have a healthy regard for the environment, and it shows. Stay at an environmentally responsible accommodation, too: Belizean Dreams Resort where Mother Nature does the interior and exterior decorating to take advantage of the area’s natural beauty.

Yes, Belizean luxury and responsibility are compatible

When COVID threatened to ravage Belize tourism, citizens committed to the nation’s hotel, resort, and restaurant industry were among the first to adopt health and hygiene protocols that not only kept people safe but also respected commitments to sustainability.

Guests staying at Belizean Dreams are still encouraged to do their part, from conserving energy to being responsible guests. You’ll be invited to ride complimentary resort bikes, walk to Hopkins, and keep up your recycling efforts!

Must you compromise on Belizean luxury? Hardly. This premier property continues to earn awards for spoiling and pampering guests via spacious, spacious digs showcasing sustainable hardwoods and textiles, yet modern bath and kitchen conveniences are all included.

eco friendly belize trips

Save money and the environment

Book an all inclusive Belize vacation package that bundles lodgings, meals at the resort’s gourmet eatery, amenities and so many extras, you’ll wonder why you haven’t been to Belize, Hopkins, and Belizean Dreams before now.

Glimpse your Belize vacation choices to choose the one that’s perfect for you and don’t miss viewing resort photos to see what you can expect to enjoy from the moment you arrive.

While you’re on the Belizean Dreams website, read more about the resort’s tours, the onsite spa and endless amenities designed just for guest enjoyment and pleasure.

If you’d love to take a vacation that won’t require you to leave your concern for the environment back home, make this mecca of sustainability your vacation destination next time you need a delightful, responsible getaway that’s close to home and as close to paradise as it gets.

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