Dreaming of the Perfect June or July Belize Vacation?

Belize in June and July

Why are June and July the two most popular months for summer travel? No mystery here—especially for families. Kids are out of school, and many professionals have habituated to hybrid work schedules so they keep up with their jobs from remote places and think of the room travelers save in their luggage by filling bags with lightweight clothing.

It could be cheaper to leave the country than to stick around, say, travel experts, because nearby nations like Belize operate on summer-reduced rates, so while it could take you hours to fly to Florida from Nebraska, airlines can get you to Belize before you finish a crossword puzzle if you live in the south.

What’s the secret to a relaxing escape? Fill your schedule with fun, entertainment, and discoveries. Since Belize is richly endowed with tourist meccas, even folks who call themselves sloths find a world of diversity that includes Maya sites, jungles, myriad water sports, and quaint towns to explore. For the ultimate getaway, choose Belizean Dreams Resort, perched on the Caribbean coastline in Hopkins where weekly activities are already in place and waiting for your arrival.

Get your fill of fun, food, and fire!

-There are no ordinary Tuesdays at Belizean Dreams Resort because an official Taco Tuesday get-together includes a bountiful buffet table and where adults are encouraged to “be environmentally responsible” by choosing mojitos over water! You’ll meet lots of fellow taco lovers. Since you can eat your fill, wearing loose clothing is recommended.

-On Wednesday night, an old-fashioned campfire will transport you back to your youth as you and your travel companions re-learn the art of popping marshmallows on tree branches for the toastiest treat ever. If your party is large, let the front desk know so there’s plenty of room around Wednesday’s campfire.

Friday introduces you to the ultimate stress reducer: Enjoy live, traditional Belizean drumming performances and an authentic buffet. The number of Belize visitors who wind up bringing drums home to continue this stress-relieving activity are countless. Buy yours at a nearby Hopkins shop.

Saturday is Karaoke Night at Belizean Dreams. Resort bartenders can help you get your groove on, so you won’t hesitate to perform. It’s an ideal way to end your Saturday if you’ve chosen a Belize all-inclusive package that not only includes these entertainments but packages save money on your stay.

Belize vacations

Just for those who watch their pennies!

You’ve got time to book your reservation at Belizean Dreams for your June or July getaway and as a reward for planning ahead, grab a summer special attached to several packages. These deals are so cost-effective, you can stay longer and extend your dream.

Further, weekly scheduled tours fit nicely into every guest’s schedule, so even if you bring work along to satisfy your bosses, you still enjoy the best June or July vacation getaway since COVID ended and you felt comfortable traveling again!

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