Do I Need a Covid Test to Travel to Belize?

Do I need a covid test to fly to Belize

Debra Kaplan’s University of Pennsylvania blog post about the history of travel documents offers a fun introduction to the past. During the late 15th century, Middle Eastern authorities began to “demand that all travelers carry documentation,” she found. These precursors to passports were called “safe conducts.”

Fast forward to the early 20th century when the international requirement of carrying a passport had become commonplace. In some cases, a special visa was required to enter certain nations. No additional documents were required by global authorities until the spread of COVID set the world on edge. In a matter of months, COVID test results became the currency of travel—as important as a passport for those eager to go abroad.

Despite being a small nation, Belize’s response to the onset of COVID proved a model of efficiency. The Ministry of Health implemented a program of strict shutdown measures, early diagnosis, isolation, and contact tracing that were herculean, as were masking and hygiene protocols. Few neighboring nations were as efficient as Belize, which is why tourism diminished but didn’t stop during the pandemic. 

The result of an abundance of caution

While cautious and thoughtful about gradually withdrawing health entry requirements like mandatory masks, testing, and immunization, reassurances by worldwide health authorities led to the announcement by the Belize Tourism Board on July 12, 2022, that testing and vaccine-related restrictions were no longer required. According to Kevin Bernard, Minister of Health and Wellness, “With the emergence of weaker variants of COVID-19 and with the global trend of restrictions being relaxed,” time had come to end pandemic safeguards put into place.

What does that mean for you? In a word, freedom. While plenty of travelers were so eager to vacation in Belize during the latter stages of the pandemic, they were willing to adopt required safety measures and the announcement that all restrictions are lifted triggered a floodgate of interest in Belize travel. This is especially evident at Belizean Dreams Resort where bookings from travelers eager to take advantage of low season rates (May 30 – December 18) have begun to flood in.

Belize is Open for Travel 

If your timing is right, you could save money, too

With the year winding down, select Belize all inclusive packages have been earmarked for guests eager to get away now rather than waiting until 2023 when high-season rates are imposed on bookings. If you’re craving an escape to a tropical haven where COVID tests are no longer required, consider a getaway via a Belizean Dreams deal with a December 18, 2022, deadline.

Given the increase in reservations since that July 12th announcement and the short time frame, you can’t afford to think about this very long if you don’t want to miss out, and you have nothing to lose by calling the resort’s toll-free line to inquire into the dates you want to come down: 1-(800)-456-7150. You can also stop reading this invitation and book online at [email protected]. You’ve waited long enough. When can we expect to welcome you to the last 2022 fun-filled fling?

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