Diving in Belize: Make Your Dream Come True

Diving in Belize: Make Your Dream Come True

Just in case you’re going crazy looking for an excuse to take a diving vacation to the Western Hemisphere’s hottest dive spot, Belize, we want to give you more incentive to come by describing health benefits you get every time you indulge your inner Cousteau:

-You increase your general strength, flexibility and overall fitness levels.
-Deep, slow breathing reduces the heart rate lulling a diver into a state of calm.
-Blood pressure can drop to healthy numbers once the body accommodates to water temperature.
-Water is healing. Being immersed can boost your feeling of well-being and joy.
-Diving usually dehydrates the body so your water intake after your dive replenishes your cells.
-Nothing surpasses the feeling of a face-to-face with the wonder of marine life.
-Stress? What stress? It’s almost impossible to dive and not shed stressors.

Why Belize?

This question is a no-brainer. There really is no better epicenter of diving than spectacular natural wonders that hug the shoreline of Belize. And because airfares are so low year-round, you can book a flight any time of the year and still having plenty of cash left over for your trip.

How diverse are Belize’s world-famous diving spots? So diverse, you’ll want to extend your time in-country so you can cram in as many as possible. But don’t try to do it on your own unless you’ve been to Belize frequently and know exactly where you want to go. Instead, book a dive package with Belizean Dreams Resort so you get to enjoy all of the pleasure with none of the work.

What to expect

There’s a reason Belizean Dreams hosts call it the Ultimate Dive Package. Included are accommodations that run the gamut from suites to villas plus three meals daily and snacks. No need to drag gear from home because Belizean Dreams has plenty of inventory for guests.

Forget about taxis and other transport expenses. The resort takes care of that as part of the package, too. A drink welcomes you to this rarified world and when you’re not diving, you can go kayaking or bike. Yes, you’ll have a Wi-Fi connection, too. Sound dreamy? It is. Learn more at https://www.belizeandreams.com/belize-dive-packages.

The highlight of your trip will, of course, be the Belize Barrier Reef. It’s every diver’s dream. Skilled guides oversee adventures as divers of all skill levels explore this fantasy land of coral gardens, cuts and colorful marine life. Included on your itinerary is an opportunity to dive the legendary Blue Hole.

There’s a reason this resort was named Belizean Dreams: even the shortest stay delivers on the dreams and expectations of divers from around the world. Now that you know that a trip here has the potential to boost your mental and physical health as well, what are you waiting for?