Where to Vacation This December? Belize, of Course!

Where to Vacation This December? Belize, of Course!

Take the word of Harvard University scientist Professor Adrian Bejan whose research offers insights into explanations about why people feel as though time moves faster as we age. Dr. Bejan believes that the brain’s electrical signals “must traverse greater distances” over the years, especially when compared to our youth.

Why mention the dynamics of time progression? Because it’s time to travel again and with the world reopening to post-pandemic tourism, you can’t waste a minute of it if you have been dreaming about heading to the Caribbean for a long-awaited holiday. As Central America’s most popular destination, December bookings throughout Belize are already setting a few records, so why not join the party?

Where you sojourn makes all the difference

If one of the most pleasurable experiences you can name has to do with finding a small, boutique resort where crowds don’t exist despite the holiday rush that impels northerners to escape south as December dawns. But securing accommodations at Belizean Dreams Resort in Hopkins may not be as easy as you imagined given the uptick in holiday reservations the resort’s concierge has been booking.

There are plenty of reasons that Belizean Dreams Resort is getting so much attention, and you’ll agree once you visit the resort’s website. The home page introduces you to this paradise and gives you access to accommodation choices, services available at the spa, an opportunity to tease your taste buds by viewing the resort’s restaurant and don’t leave until you review the tours offered by the resort, several of which are bound to intrigue you.

Snooze and you lose!

Given your new appreciation for the value of time, the fact that the clock is ticking and you’re ripping off calendar pages at a rapid pace, you’ll want to put your ducks in a row before every lodging on the Belizean Dreams premises is completely booked for the month of December.

Start by comparing all-inclusive packages to see which tickles your fancy and do not leave the site until you’ve also reviewed the details surrounding current resort specials. Save money and spend the holidays in the sun? Now that’s the gift you give yourself after a year of deprivation!

Belizean Dreams Resort

What to do next?

We recommend counting down the days between the moment you ensure your vacation dates and the date you are scheduled to leave for your December getaway. Make arrangements to leave the snow shoveling to a plowing service, keep your coats in the closet, dig out your favorite summer outfits, and don’t forget a camera.

It’s not considered torture if you take and send selfies to folks you left behind as you grab pool time, shop for art at Hopkins shops, dine at the resort’s Woven Palms Restaurant, hang out at the Beachfront Tiki Bar, and pose amid the property’s tropical gardens while everyone back home spends their time getting and staying warm. Act now to make sure there’s a reservation in your name before December bookings disappear!

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