Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary – A Must Do Belize Tour

cockscomb basin wildlife sanctuary

Discover Belize’s Wild Catwalk—The Only Jaguar Preserve on the Planet

Whether the only catwalk you’re familiar with takes place on Paris and Milan runways each fashion season or you’re simply wild about all species of wildlife, a sojourn to Belize’s Cockscomb Basis Wildlife Sanctuary (CBWS) isn’t just recommended; it’s essential. 

No fashion-forward wardrobe required when you visit. Don swimwear, sunscreen, hiking shoes, a hat and sunglasses and you’ll look stylish when you check out wildcat, tapir, deer and other animal tracks as you search for the animals leaving those tracks behind. 

Love history? Check out the Belize Audubon Society’s description of this amazing place and your desire to pay a visit is likely to double.

CBWS is more than a safe home for endangered jaguars. It’s a water network that links the region’s creeks, rivers and basins. Thanks to the lush topography, your trek will include dramatic waterfalls and mountain views that thrill and delight visitors opting to see this epicenter of natural beauty. Cameras and binoculars are mandatory, so you don’t miss a thing during your visit. 

A biodiverse wonderland 

CBWS’s colorful population includes birds, mammals, reptiles, amphibians and insects that stick around to feast on the preserve’s bounty of exotic leaves, plants and flowers. This moist, tropical jungle is exactly the environment this community needs to flourish, and with rainforests disappearing in alarming numbers, Cockscomb stands as a monument to conservation where every living thing is protected. 

But you need protection from the elements, too, which is why you require a comfy hideaway when you’re not prowling the forest floor. The ideal place to spend your down time is Belizean Dreams Resort, where the only wildlife you’ll encounter will be of your own making. There’s lots to do on premises in addition to those jungle treks. 

As wild as you want to get 

At Belizean Dreams, we know that your desire is to mix relaxation with adventure, which is why this resort’s excursions are in such demand. Once you check into your digs, give staff 24 hours to secure a place on a jungle adventure and you don’t have to do another thing. 

We could drone on about Belizean Dreams’ ambience and popularity, but one visit to the resort photo gallery tells you all you need to know about amenities and the variety of experiences you will find. You know you want to go wild, and since Belize is just a few hours by plane from the U.S., you don’t have to wait very long to indulge your inner animal, either.

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