Christmas in Belize

Christmas in Belize

Belize with its diverse cultures and ethnic groups makes the Christmas celebrations even more special as everywhere you go there is something to do.

Starting with the traditional decorated Christmas trees, hanging of lights outside homes and businesses, Christmas music playing everywhere you go, not to forget the food, found in almost everyone’s home on Christmas day. From the traditional Baked turkey, succulent glazed ham, rice and beans, potato salad, stuffing and cranberry sauce to the cultural foods such as tamales, black relleno, roasted pork served with corn tortillas, and so much more. There has still got to be room for the delicious black fruit cake and cold old fashion lemonade or the festive rumpopo (egg nog).

Thanksgiving Food Belize
Turkey dinner with all the trimmings

Moving to the more cultural celebrations adapted countrywide, the ole time Creole Christmas Bram, where people gather to play music with instruments made from utensils found around the house – an empty bucket, fork and grater anything that will make a musical sound. The Jankuno (John Canoe), a Garifuna masked warrior dance traditionally performed by men on Christmas day. The Maya “deer dance” performed by 24 dancers in masks including a hunter, deer, jaguar and other characters.

Jankunu Dancers
Jankunu Dancers in Belize. Photo by Lily Lebawit

With so much activities you are bound to be one with the people of Belize during the Christmas season

Christmas Employees

Wishing you all a wonderful Christmas & a Happy New Year from all of us at Belizean Dreams.