Choosing A Belize All Inclusive Vacation For Your Family

Choosing A Belize All Inclusive Vacation For Your Family

Belizean Dreams: It’s Cheaper to Bring Kids Here Than Stay Home!

According to a Credit Donkey survey conducted after the 2018 summer vacation season ended, a typical family of 4 spends around $1145 per person ($4,580 for a family of 4) to take a family vacation together each year. Is it any wonder so many parents conclude, “Let’s see what we can do at home to make your summer vacation fun!”

But what if we told you that you can spend a fraction of this amount to take the kids abroad?

Belize is located less than 3 hours by plane from the U.S. and summer all-inclusive rates are low enough to leave you speechless. Consider Belizean Dreams Resort in Hopkins Village, Stann Creek District where all inclusive packages can be had for between $1210 and $1710 any time after May 30th.

Guests stay in spacious accommodations between 4 and 10 nights but instead of spending $1145 per person, a stay averages $400 per person. Add plane fares and you don’t get close to that 4-person family total of $4,580.

The Credit Donkey calculation doesn’t include meals, drinks, tours, taxes and fees, but Belizean Dreams packages do. Bring your hungry teen and turn him loose when he’s not frolicking in the resort pool, swimming in the sea, diving the barrier reef and exploring ancient Mayan ruins where artifacts and gruesome glyphs are sure to grab his attention. Stories associated with Maya sites surpass video game thrills every time! Consult family members to see which all inclusive package sounds most appealing: 1) Mayan Jungle and Beach, 2) Just Chillin’ and 3) Ultimate Dive.

Belizean Dreams Restaurant

Expect To Find Great Family Vacation Deals at Belizean Dreams Resort

You’ll enjoy lush accommodations during your visit, sized to meet your family’s needs. Pick a 1-bedroom suite (sleeps 2 to 3), 2-bedroom executive suite (for 3 to 5 family members) or a 3-bedroom villa that houses 6 to 8 guests. There are several tour and suite options that allow you to customize tours and accommodations.

All inclusive vacations at Belizean Dreams are designed to maximize your time together and at rates that won’t leave your bank account empty by the time you return home. But the real value is found in the wealth of growth your kids experience when exposed to new cultures and traditions. Belize’s Garifuna culture will fascinate your kids and impart vivid memories—kids can even take drumming lessons during their stay.

Additionally, they can sample exotic foods that tickle their taste buds, tour the Belize Zoo and see animal sanctuaries and jungle haunts sure to open their eyes to the fragility of nature and the need for conservation measures that assure them that these miracles will be around when they bring their own kids to Belize.

We should add that while mind expansion is common in kids after just a few days in Belize, it’s not among the items listed on any of the Belizean Dreams all inclusive packages. That comes free with your booking!

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