Has Stress Prompted Your Belize Getaway? Stay at Belizean Dreams and Frequent the Spa!

Has Stress Prompted Your Belize Getaway? Stay at Belizean Dreams and Frequent the Spa!

When New York Times journalist Tanya Mohn was asked to research resort spa experiences, she concluded that treatments, once the domain of women, were fast becoming places men craved, too. Some men refer to spa treatments as tune-ups, while women tend to refer to these services as heaven on Earth.

Why are spa treatments so desirable on sun and fun vacations when men and women are taken out of their stress-filled worlds, separated from clocks, bosses, and families? Because stress doesn’t arrive in one day. It accumulates over time and has the potential to harm the mind and body. In fact, one U.S. resort spa chain hired an anthropologist to study the impact of a single massage. His study results were eye-opening but not unexpected!

Must you take a vacation to indulge your inner spa lover?

Belizean Dreams Spa

It helps. For stressed-out North Americans tied in knots due to demanding jobs, family responsibilities and the addition of the COVID virus, the simple act of flying south for a couple of hours to arrive at a sun-drenched Belize resort literally starts the unwinding process.

Make your destination Hopkins and you benefit in several ways: This popular village is fun to visit and it’s in close proximity to Belizean Dreams Resort where luxury accommodations and gourmet meals win awards – but the property’s Bliss Spa & Salon is likely to be the most life-affirming experience of your stay.

There’s a reason Belizean Dreams management chose the name Bliss for its popular onsite pleasure palace. Guests are literally steps away from Bliss so no matter what type of service a guest needs – or how many of them are enjoyed on-premises – this full-service sanctum sanctorum never disappoints.

In the capable hands of trained professionals, guests staying at Belizean Dreams (and plenty of spa aficionados from Hopkins who aren’t residing at the resort) can choose from a menu of options that include packages (several spa services for a single price), massages, wraps, scrubs, facials, mani/pedis, and hairstyling. You wouldn’t be the first to tell your masseuse that you would like to spend your entire vacation at Bliss!

Come for the luxury. Stay for the peace of mind.

Belizean Dreams Spa

Whether you are the practical sort who loves the idea of truly relaxing that only comes with booking an all-inclusive package that includes meals, tours, and fabulous amenities or you’ll visit friends in Hopkins and you’d like to pop over to the spa for your share of pampering, there are numerous ways to pre-plan your spa experience that include staying in touch with Bliss via the Belizean Dreams Resort Facebook page and liking Bliss Spa to show your enthusiasm.

While you’re making wise choices, one of the best decisions you can make is to consult the Belizean Dreams website page that details current extended stay rates plus discount deals that make all of the sense in the world. You’ll save enough money to add as many spa services as time allows. Indulge often enough and you’ll return home in a state of bliss – and isn’t that exactly the reason you came to Belize in the first place?

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