Vacation in Belize on a Shoestring by Grabbing this Black Friday Special!

Vacation in Belize on a Shoestring by Grabbing this Black Friday Special!

If you would like to impress friends with your history acumen, tell them that Black Friday had nothing to do with post-Thanksgiving shopping deals when it was coined. According to, the term “Black Friday” described a financial crisis. On September 24, 1869, a couple of crooks crashed the U.S. gold market, leaving everyone (but themselves) in financial trouble.

According to accepted folklore, the U.S. retail market resurrected the “catchy phrase” to explain how stores operating at a loss rebounded annually thanks to holiday shoppers blowing so much money on discounted merchandise that turned bottom lines from red to black.

Not one to pass up a fabulous promotion idea, the international tourism industry decided that there was no reason Black Friday’s definition had to be confined to shops, department stores, and boutiques — and aren’t you glad? Black Friday specials at Caribbean resorts are no longer a dream. In fact, Belize resorts offer as much bang for your tourist dollar as retail stores on a larger scale and no resort comes close to Belizean Dreams in terms of a lavish vacation experience.

Is there a catch, you ask? Of course, there is. You only have 12 days to book the accommodations that get you an all-inclusive holiday at this luxury property with a discount of up to $1,000USD. Your window of opportunity opens on Thanksgiving Day (November 26, 2020) and closes at midnight on December 7, 2020. No need to rush. You can take your vacation any time before December 18, 2021, as long as you booked within that 12 day period.

Lest you worry that this dramatic Black Friday Special at Belizean Dreams means the resort will skimp on luxury, services, and amenities, relax. All inclusive Belize packages require only a 4-night stay to give you access to everything you desire: a gorgeous pool, free Wi-Fi, meals, and beverages, transport to and from the resort, and access to tours that come with the package you choose.

Belizean Dreams Beach

Consult your calendar to pick your trip dates now. Visit your favorite consolidator or discounter to find flights (carriers began returning to the U.S. to Belize routes on October 1, 2020), visit the Belizean Dreams website, and mention this code to seal the deal: BLACKFRIDAY.

Could anything be easier? Once you’ve nailed your arrangements, think about what you can acquire with that up to $1,000 in savings; tropical clothing, new luggage, and even Belizean souvenirs to take back home for your friends and family.  

As a final note, put your Covid-19 worries to rest. Belizean Dreams has been certified as a Belize Gold Standard resort. This means every precaution to keep guests healthy and safe is in place, including low-contact registration, social distancing measures, and temperature checks, and cleaning and sanitizing methods that go above and beyond.

Don’t forget to mention the code BLACKFRIDAY when you make arrangements online ([email protected]) or by phone (toll free) at 1 (800) 456-7150. Certain restrictions apply, so please contact us with questions. Save money. Vacation like royalty. Stay safe. Talk about the perfect 2021 holiday!

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