Hopkins Belize: Best Spring Break Destination 2020

Hopkins Belize: Best Spring Break Destination 2020

We won’t ask your age, but if you recall spring breaks during your college days and want to know if these wild adventures are still going on, you’ll be delighted to know that Hopkins Belize is keeping the tradition alive in 2020!

The arrival of spring is such a joyous occasion, even ancient Greeks and Romans went a little crazy when winter disappeared. Fast forward a couple of thousand years and you can thank MTV for “updating” the phenomenon of spring breaks launched by those ancient societies. In the 1960s, just about every college student headed for Florida for non-stop partying.

Today’s students are more sophisticated. They know that they don’t have to stick around the U.S. when there are many other travel destinations on the map that allow them to let down their hair and have a ball in the sun. In fact, Belize is so close to the U.S. and so affordable, who wouldn’t want to amass bragging rights in a place where everyone speaks English but nobody has your parent’s phone numbers?

The new epicenter of Spring Break: Hopkins, Belize

Why Hopkins? It’s the #1 Cultural Destination in Belize (liberal arts students: mention this to your folks) and it’s also been named the Friendliest Village in Belize, so if this will be your first spring break, count on being welcomed like family. Varying cultures give students chances to step out of their comfort zones and meet people with international backgrounds – especially the Garifuna people who make their homes in the Hopkins area. They love to showing off their homeland to visitors.

Where to stay in Hopkins? No brainer. Belizean Dreams Resort has won so many awards, even your parents will be impressed because they will know that you’re staying at a high-quality resort. Accommodation options are numerous. Consider booking the 3-bedroom villa sitting on the ocean’s edge and splitting the cost of this luxe haven with up to 7 of your spring break friends.

Belizean Dreams Beach

Do it all during your spring break stay

While having the right accommodation to suit your budget is important, knowing that you have everything you need so your parents won’t lose sleep at night is just as important. Your folks worry that you’re not eating properly or getting enough exercise. That can’t happen at Belizean Dreams because there’s so much to do, is it any wonder that it was named a Top 10 Hotels for Best Service in Belize by Travel Advisor?

Hang out at the resort’s infinity pool. Let someone else make your bed every morning and revel in the fact that you don’t have to eat Ramen noodles because the resort chef cooks your gourmet meals to order. You deserve all of this pampering after eating cafeteria food and slaving over textbooks and exams. Work off desserts riding resort bicycles and kayaks, or grab as much beach time as your sunscreen permits. Belizean Dreams packages include exciting tours, so you couldn’t get bored if you tried.

In fact, if your parents are nervous about your desire to visit this heaven on earth, send them to this resort page to glimpse the world you will enjoy during your spring break. And tell them about the spa, too. Just don’t be surprised if they bookmark the Belizean Dreams website with their own future vacation dreams in mind!

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