Why is Belize’s Great Blue Hole a Magnet for Adventurers?

Why is Belize's Great Blue Hole a Magnet for Adventurers?

Jacques Cousteau couldn’t get enough visits to Belize’s Blue Hole during his lifetime and his grandson, aquanaut Fabien Cousteau, continues the great diver’s legacy. Any serious diver with a desire to plunge into the world’s greatest aquatic landmarks has prioritized this destination, too.

So why is Belize’s Great Blue Hole such a magnet for adventurers, curiosity seekers, daredevils, and ordinary folk? Because it’s a one-of-a-kind wonder that’s ideally located in the western hemisphere, so anyone eager for thrills and chills needn’t travel far to confront this attraction and make the decision to dive in if only to satisfy a bucket list priority.

What exactly is The Great Blue Hole?

It’s a massive underwater sinkhole off the coast of Belize that has captured the imagination of scuba divers, snorkelers, and scientists. While only experienced divers have ventured deeper to see what lies on the ocean floor below, it took a 2018 Aquatica Submarine crew to unveil some of the biggest mysteries at 125 meters into the Earth’s crust.

What did they find? According to crew members, once they pushed past 90 meters, all life forms began to vanish due to a thick blanket of toxic hydrogen sulfide that floated at that depth. But at 120 meters, team members encountered small stalactites that clued them into the hole’s 14,000-year-old past. The Great Blue Hole was once a cave that hosted lots of creatures until sea levels rose, filled it in, and sealed off the past.

Belize Great Blue Hole

Want to experience the hole for yourself?

The vast array of colorful marine life inhabiting the hole is truly a magnet for divers and you don’t have to go very far – perhaps only 400 feet — to see a world of magical creatures when you book a Belize Great Blue Hole and Lighthouse Reef Dive as part of your stay at Belizean Dreams Resort in Hopkins where certified advanced and experienced divers come for fun.

Located just 50 miles offshore, everything you need to dive or snorkel the Blue Hole is provided by your host: boat transport, certified guide, packed lunch, tanks & weight belts, taxes, and fees. Opt for a Belizean Dreams package so your accommodations and meals are included for the ultimate Belize diving vacation. Bring your dive certification card; that’s your ticket to this underwater paradise.

Stay where you play

Proximity to the Blue Hole is only one reason to consider an all-inclusive stay at Belizean Dreams. In addition to posh accommodations, meals, Wi-Fi access, pool, beach, kayaks, snorkeling gear, bicycles, and round trip transportation from the Belize airport you can opt to vacation between 4 and 10 nights. There’s more. This property was awarded Gold Standard certification for Covid-19 safeguards that include social distancing, temperature checks, and hygiene protocols. Extraordinary precautions during diving tours include small groups and rigorously-maintained gear for guest safety, too.

The Great Blue Hole has become a must-see Caribbean destination! Even folks who don’t dive book sailing adventures to the area and some book aerial tours that show the breathtaking nature of this destination from on high — and while we’re on the topic, did you know that major airlines began transporting travelers to Belize on October 1, 2020? You’ve no excuse not to make plans to see the site that is a contender for official Wonder of the World status. When can we expect to welcome you?

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