Belizean Dreams Resort is both for Couples & Families

Belizean Dreams Resort is both for Couples & Families

While most hotels cater to just couples, or just families, Belizean Dreams gives you the best by offering both a romantic and intimate location for couples as well as a fulfilled and entertaining area for friends and family.

We are able to strike a great balance between being family friendly and providing a nice couples retreat or getaway. Reading through our reviews will prove just that. Especially in October, we had an over pour of couples and families reviews that we just had to share some of our top picks. By exploring these reviews, you too will see that we were able to truly provide the same great experience to both couples and families/friends who visited our resort.


Last weekend my adventurous feet were activated and I visited one of the true gems in the entire country of Belize: Belizean Dreams Resort!

The resort is in Hopkins Village, Stann Creek District, so there’s naturally a heavy local flavor to the resort: evident in the staff, savory meals, tropical and cultural music and the BEAUTIFUL scenery.

Even with the local flavor, Belizean Dream is still a very luxurious resort with a beautiful pool only a few feet from the sea! I call that best of both worlds.

The suite we got had a perfect elevated view of the Grounds and the Sea: was a treat to wake up to every morning! The bed was very comfortable and the decor made it feel just at home (if I lived in an expensive home; LOL!)

The restaurant was very nice. They have both indoor and outdoor seating; we chose outdoors every time, to enjoy maximum ambiance: the salty smell and cool feel of the windy outdoors!

My Girlfriend, who went with me, called it the best vacation and birthday celebration of her life. The owner, who was told that one of us were celebrating a birthday, surprised us by sending a complimentary bottle of champagne to the room. That made us feel like VIP’s!

We will DEFINITELY be back! Belizean Dreams: Highly Recommended!

AnDre P (traveled as a couple)

“Best place to relax, enjoy, & surround yourself with love, adventure, & beautiful people.”

My husband and I picked the perfect place for a quick getaway. Upon arriving on Sunday evening, we were greeted by the wonderful staff at the office. Then, lead to the elegant bar on the beach where Charles and Mauriano introduced us to the complimentary “Mosquito bite” drink (amazing). During our short stay, we went fishing, snorkeling, and paddle boarding. We also went bike riding to indulge the quaint village of Hopkins. Our room was gorgeous with awesome views. We will definitely return and we recommend Belizean Dream Resort to our friends and family. Andrew and his staff were truly amazing and we thank them for making our getaway memorable.

Patrick, thank you for a wonderful fishing experience, much love to you and yours. Dominic & Cynthia

cdaldi90 (traveled as a couple)

“Perfect balance between cozy & luxury”

As a birthday gift, I was surprised by my boyfriend with a weekend getaway to Belizean Dreams Resort. Nestled in the quaint village of Hopkins, in Belize’s Southern District of Stann Creek, this resort offers one of the best escapes from the hustle and bustle of city life.

My experience there (from start to end) was nothing short of INCREDIBLE!

Upon arrival, we were greeted by courteous and friendly staff members who quickly got us settled into what would become our home for the weekend.

Tall glass doors opened up to the breathtaking view of the pool, the sea, and the perfectly manicured lawn decorated with brightly colored tropical flowers. The menu of food and drinks was great! Be sure to ask for their signature drink; I’m not sure of the name, but it is a slushy concoction of awesomeness- a great option to cool you off while basking in the sun by the pool side or on the beach (just a few short steps away). And the curry shrimp with white rice, which I had on my first night, is also a must try!

Also, don’t be shy to ask for breakfast in bed! That was the luxury I enjoyed the most. After a long night of talking and enjoying the complimentary bottle of campaign (a thoughtful birthday gift on behalf of the owner and staff), waking up to get dressed for breakfast would have surely been a chore. Lucky for me breakfast was arranged by my boyfriend from the night before, and we were able to have a delicious Belizean breakfast in bed, wrapped up in cozy robes, all while enjoying a gorgeous sea view!

Try the three water activities they have to offer: Sailing, kayaking, and paddle boarding! I didn’t have success with either of the two I tried lol, but I had fun laughing at myself struggling to do them anyway.

The worst part of this trip was leaving! I wanted to live the Belizean Dream a little longer! I’ll surely return for a longer stay 😉 #BestBirthdayExperienceEVER!!

Demidee93 (traveled as a couple)

“Belizean Dreams is definitely a dream come true”

My time spent at this first class resort was one of the greatest experience. The hospitality shown to me and my family was tremendously indescribable. The food was exceptionally great. I recommend this resort to anyone who chooses Belize as a tourist destination. I must also say the staff was very professional and willing to assist in any way possible. Kudos to them all. My family all-time favorite resort.

E3921VAkima (traveled with family)

“Absolutely the best resort in Hopkins!”

I love love love Belizean Dreams! I go every year to celebrate my birthday with friends and also during the summer with my family! It has the best food & drinks menu, and extremely friendly and fun staff! Their pool is also a plus, because it overlooks the beautiful Caribbean Sea!!

Roxanne V (traveled with family)