Belize: The Best Location to Swim and Dive with Whale Sharks

Belize: The Best Location to Swim and Dive with Whale Sharks

Not every shark is either a main dish or a cliché. We would like to introduce you to Whale Sharks, a kinder, gentler marine animal that can be so docile and accommodating to tourists eager to share water time. In Belize, a Whale Shark encounter often turns out to be the highlight of a trip to the country for many travelers. 

According to “National Geographic”, Whale Sharks are “the largest fish in the sea,” which is why they have appetites that far exceed that of teenagers! But conservationists say that they are so docile, it’s easy to “hitch a ride on their backs,” which is exactly what you can do during your Belize visit

Where to swim and dive with Whale Sharks in Belize

If you think these beefy giants hang out off the entire coast of Belize, you don’t understand these creatures. They’re particular about where they roam and prefer the southern coast of the Belize Barrier Reef, easily accessed by headquartering in Hopkins at the Belizean Dreams Resort. This lush tropical oasis is so close to the reef, visitors find the resort’s Whale Shark Dive Tour packages both irresistible and unforgettable. 

When can you meet the greatest number of Whale Sharks? Between the months of March to June. The reef’s Gladden Split is a spawning ground for fish at this time of year and Whale Sharks have quite the appetite for the eggs they lay. Since these delicacies are compelling, tours to this area give visitors plenty of whales to see in just one area. 

Why not go off on your own? 

Because unless your diving and swimming skills are so superior you could win medals for your mettle, it’s prudent to go on a Whale Shark expedition with trained guides and shark spotters so you can learn the most and share your experiences with fellow travelers. 

By staying at Belizean Dreams, you get all of the fun and none of the work associated with hiring a boat, a crew, securing dive equipment and figuring out logistics. You tell your Belizean Dreams host that you’re up for meeting gentle giants and they do the rest.

How much pampering do you receive on this excursion and during your resort stay? Let’s just say the amount is equal to the size of these sharks! Stay in luxury digs until transport arrives to take you to the dive boat where a certified guide, portable lunches, tanks, weights and belts await. Your job? Don a swimsuit, grab your gear and sunscreen and prepare for the adventure of a lifetime.