Want to Win a Belize Vacation Giveaway? Take the Advice of a Pro!

Belize Vacation Giveaway

Are some people luckier than others? Adam Killick, host of CBC Radio’s Cost of Living podcast, asked the question recently and concluded that winning is more about persistence than it is about luck! He cites an Ontario woman named Elaine Douglas who “wins contests so often she sometimes loses track of all her prizes.”

Does she spend the entirety of her day doing nothing but pursuing sweepstakes? Nope. She just persists and is regularly rewarded, and she especially loves to enter contests that give her an edge. If you’d like to follow her lead—especially if you would give anything to escape winter’s wrath by winning a Caribbean vacation—there’s a sweepstakes that has your name written all over it, and remember that you can’t win if you don’t get in!

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This fabulous escape is worth your effort

One of Belize’s most popular family of resorts crafted a prize that offers the winner a chance to win a 7-night/8-day vacation at both Belizean Dreams Resort located along the Caribbean coast in Hopkins, plus a sojourn at the Manta Island Resort, a gorgeous atoll offering guests the ultimate escape. Aptly called the “Seize the Sunshine Vacation Giveaway,” this holiday for two consists of three nights at Belizean Dreams, and four nights on this small, private island.

While this priceless sweepstakes was launched on October 15, 2023, you’ve still got time to enter since the deadline for entries isn’t until November 30, 2023, at 11:45 p.m. CST. This gives you time to complete your entry by following the easy rules that enhance your chances of winning. All you need do is follow Elaine Douglas’s recommendation: Be persistent, pay attention to instructions, and the more tasks you complete that are associated with this contest, the closer you get to coming out on top.

Up your chances of winning by being persistent

If you can hear the sound of palm fronds blowing in the breeze in anticipation of the win, visit this Belizean Dreams website page. Provide the usual information associated with any contest: a valid email address, your full name, and a phone number—a necessary bit of information since it may be used to notify the winner!

Next, look forward to the fun part of this giveaway: Once that basic info is input, you’ll be asked to unlock voluntary tasks, each of which helps you earn extra points. Follow Elaine’s lead by racking up as many points as possible, because your chances of snagging this awesome getaway increase with each one you complete.

What to do next? That’s depends upon you. Start browsing the Internet to price airfares to Belize, shop for sunscreen, a new swimsuit, or whatever else you need to keep your hopes alive. Will Elaine be entering? We wouldn’t be surprised if she does, so why not make beating Elaine at her own game your goal while you rack up bragging rights, too?

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