The Clock’s Ticking: Slow it Down by Visiting Belize in September

The Clock’s Ticking: Slow it Down by Visiting Belize in September

Yes, you can slow time by seeing new places and doing new things. If you can also save money, could a September holiday get any better?

If you’re in the business of being in business, you probably pay attention to articles published in magazines targeting professionals, so when contributing editor Jeff Hayden decided to write about how to speed up the passage of time for “Inc.” magazine, readers must have scratched their heads.

Why worry about the speed of time when there’s money to be made and challenges to be met? Because even the healthiest among us discover that time truly does feel like it speeds up with every passing year. Scientists say there’s a chemical reason for this phenomena: after age 20, the release of dopamine in our brains changes our perception of time. The older you get, the faster the hours whiz by.

What’s the point?

Because, says Hayden, “If you want to make the days last, do something different.” Step out of your comfort zone. Take a vacation in September if you usually travel at other times of the year. When you pick a destination, come to Belize where new adventures and experiences await travelers at every turn.

Book a luxury suite at Belizean Dreams where all inclusive Belize vacation specials extend past the summer and offer you deals and discounts that make your sojourn eminently affordable. For example, choose between “Back to School” packages that offer either a $300 perk or snag a free night’s lodging by extending your stay to 5 or more nights.

Belizean Dreams Resort

September in Belize is one long, spectacular party

What to do once you’ve taken the short flight from the north and you’re charged up and ready to go? September celebrations include St. George’s Caye Day and Belize Independence Day. Perhaps you’ve got a birthday or anniversary to celebrate and you’d much rather do it on a sunny beach or frolicking with Belizeans who know how to throw parties that have no equal when September rolls around.

Thanks to the all inclusive nature of your booking, your meals, transport to and from Belizean Dreams and select tours and activities are all included, so you don’t have to waste time figuring out where to dine (the resort’s gourmet restaurant is the place) or how to get to the festivals associated with both holidays.

Spend your time scuba diving, kayaking and sailing. Visit ancient Maya ruins, hike rain forests or just hang out by the Belizean Dreams pool if that’s how you prefer to spend your time.

Back home, the days get shorter and darker, but September in Belize is sublime. Don’t bother bringing a watch. You’ll be living on Belize time where new experiences not only slow time down but they make your stay so unique, you won’t want to return home any time soon!

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